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In the latest version of the Google Meet app, we find that “stereo separation” may appear in the video conferencing service. Enough to make conversations more engaging and natural.

Google Meet app on smartphone
Google Meet application on smartphone // Source: Frandroid

Video conferencing meetings can be unnatural, and developers are looking to improve immersion in their applications. Google Meet may soon bring the ” stereo separationAccording to the APK Insight team of 9to5Google .

“Stereo separation”, soon on Google Meet?

Thanks to Google Duo version 169, which is about to be distributed on the Play Store, the outlet signals that a new feature is under development. baptized ” binaural audio ” Where is it ” stereo separation“, His mention also appears in the latest version of Gmail. 9to5GoogleI guess it might come to Google Meet first.

This ” stereo separationconsists in separating the voices of the interlocutors on one side or the other, according to their position on the screen. Therefore, if a speaking person appears on the right of the screen, their voice may come from the right earpiece / speaker and vice versa. What identifies the person who speaks most easily thanks to our ears, especially when multiple meeting members are speaking at the same time. A function that could also make these conversations more engaging and promote concentration, which is sometimes difficult in these conditions.

As the 9to5Google team points out, these are still code snippets and it is entirely possible that this will never be fully deployed.

The merger of Duo with Meet continues

The APK Insight English-language media team also saw signs of the progress of merging Google Duo with Meet. We remind you that Google Meet will soon be removed in favor of Google Duo, which in turn will be renamed Google Meet. A chaotic story to sleep with your head held high that is about to settle down.

Duo prepares to manage ” meeting codes and links generated by Google Meet“, we learn. However, while Duo calls are end-to-end encrypted, this is not the case with the Meet side, which uses a” cloud encryption“This kind of encryption would be necessary if we are to believe the description in the appof the application, it would be mandatory ” for features like chat during the meeting and real-time subtitles“.

Finally, a banner will appear to explain the merger between the two videoconferencing services, it will explain that ” Your Duo app will become Meet, with a new name and icon and more features like background effects“.

Google Meet continues to add features, after meetings are disrupted after a certain period of inactivity or the arrival of emojis and mode picture in picture.

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