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What are the next Xbox Game Pass games coming in 2022, 2023 and 2024? That’s the question we answer here with the full list of games announced in Xbox Game Pass for the next few years! Also remember that you can find every month on Xboxygen the complete list of games added and removed in Game Pass, whether they are on Xbox consoles, PC or mobile via the Cloud. The list of upcoming games has been updated following the many new game announcements in the last few days.

Which Xbox Game Pass games will arrive in 2022?

Check out the next Xbox Game Pass games coming this year. The list is continuously updated based on announcements from publishers and developers, as we have been doing for several years now. Xbox has partnerships with many publishers and developers, and there are games for everyone. Below are the games coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2023 and 2024.

Game Pass games in July 2022

  • BBS Last Call – July 5th (PC Game Pass)
  • Matchpoint: Tennis Championships – July 7th
  • Escape Academy – July 14th
  • As Dusk Falls – July 19
  • Immortality – July 26

Game Pass games in August 2022

  • Turbo Golf Racing – August 4th
  • Two Point Campus – August 9th
  • Midnight Fight Express – August 23rd
  • Tinykin – August 30th

Game Pass games in September 2022

  • Commandos 3 HD Remaster – September 1st
  • On the ground – September
  • Warhammer 40,000: Darktide – September 13
  • Deathloop – September 2022 is rumored to be based on the 1-year PS5 exclusive

Game Pass games in October 2022

  • Contempt – October 13
  • Person 5 – October 21st
  • Signalis – October 27th
  • Gunfire Reborn – October 2022
  • High On Life – October 2022

Game Pass games in November 2022

  • Humanity – November 4th
  • Penance – November
  • Atomic Heart (between September and December)

Xbox Game Pass games in December 2022

  • Hello Neighbor 2 – December 6th

More Game Pass games coming in 2022

  • Slime Rancher 2 – Late 2022
  • A Plague Story: Requiem
  • Legends of Runeterra (PC Game Pass)
  • Pines lighthouse
  • Bushiden
  • Static unit dead
  • Pigeon simulator
  • Little witch in the woods
  • She dreams elsewhere
  • Off to the woods
  • Frog Detective: The Whole Mystery
  • Eiyuden Chronicle: On the rise
  • Party animals
  • Somerville (date to be confirmed)
  • Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • NHL 22
  • Hollow Knight: A Song of Silk
  • Ara: History Untold (PC Game Pass) – date unknown

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The Xbox Game Pass game will be released in 2023

With some delay, we already know which Xbox Game Pass games will be released in 2023. The list will obviously grow over time and will be updated accordingly by our team.

  • Wo Long Fallen Dynasty – Early 2023
  • Ereban: Shadow Legacy – Early 2023
  • Flintlock: Siege of Dawn – Early 2023
  • Redfall – First half of 2023
  • Starfield – First half 2023
  • Forza Motorsport – Spring 2023
  • Light year frontier – Spring 2023
  • Ghostwire Tokyo – March 2023 (rumors based on Sony’s 1-year exclusivity term)
  • STALKER 2 – 2023
  • ARCA II – 2023
  • COCOON – 2023
  • Ravenlock – 2023
  • Eiyuden Chronicle: One Hundred Heroes – 2023
  • Replaced – 2023
  • Minecraft Legends – 2023
  • Flintlock The Siege of Dawn – 2023
  • Persona 3 portable – 2023
  • Golden Persona 4 – 2023
  • Team Combat Tactics (PC Game Pass)
  • Ara Untold Story (PC Game Pass)
  • Benedict Fox’s latest case – 2023
  • League of Legends (PC Game Pass)
  • League of Legends: Wild Rift (PC Game Pass)
  • Valorant (PC Game Pass)

The Xbox Game Pass game will be released in 2024, 2025 or undated

The list of games coming to Xbox Game Pass after 2023 is likely to change a lot. Some games listed here may be released sooner or later as they don’t have a date mentioned by the Xbox teams for the time being.

  • Declared
  • always wild
  • Fable
  • Perfect darkness
  • Mara project
  • State of decay 3
  • The Senua Saga: Hellblade II
  • The outer worlds 2
  • smuggling
  • Elder Scrolls VI

What is the Game Pass?

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription video game service launched by Microsoft in 2017. It comes in three offerings and allows players to access a catalog of over 300 Xbox games via a monthly subscription or purchase of prepaid cards to top up their own. subscription. New games are added each month and others removed from Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass is often referred to as the “Netflix of games,” but in reality the Game Pass formula is a little different. In fact, where Netflix offers a streaming service, Xbox Game Pass offers direct download of games from the catalog to the console so you can play them with confidence. It is however possible to play in streaming with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate formula which is the most complete.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription content

  • Xbox Game Pass console subscription.
  • Xbox Game Pass PC subscription.
  • Xbox Live Gold membership (for online play on Xbox consoles).
  • EA Play subscription (Electronic Arts games catalog).
  • Ability to stream Xbox Game Pass games via the cloud, mobile device or PC.

Tutorial to get an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for three times cheaper

The trick is to convert an Xbox Live Gold membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It works when you are not already subscribed to the service. Just follow the steps below and that’s it.

  • 1. Purchase a 12 month Xbox Live Gold membership on this page (you can get 3 at the same time) and use the promotional code “XBOXYGEN” at checkout
  • 2. Activate the subscription on your Microsoft account on this page.
  • 3. Convert your Xbox Live Gold membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on this page. You will pay € 1 per conversion or € 12.99 if you have already subscribed in the past.

That’s all ! You now own up to 3 years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for the price of 3 years of Gold. Please note that you can “only” convert 3 years of Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass at most. You can choose to only take a year if needed, but we don’t know if this cheat will be available again in a year.


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