Xbox Cloud Gaming games arrive on new Samsung TVs


The famous gaming hub promised by Samsung at CES 2022 begins to be implemented on the new Samsung TVs as well as on the Korean manufacturer’s M5, M7, M8 Smart Monitors. This hub brings together major streaming services in one place (GeForce Now, Stadia, Utamik, Xbox Cloud Gaming, etc.).

It is perhaps the future of video games being played here. Samsung just rolled out its gaming hub to all of its new 2022 TVs and new Smart Monitors. This gaming hub brings together all the features related to video games, such as access to consoles connected to HDMI, but also and above all applications that allow access to the most popular cloud gaming platforms such as GeForce Now by Nvidia, Stadia by Google, Utomik or – exclusively – Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming. It is this last offer that seems the most interesting for the moment, since it allows you to access a very high number of games for about € 13 / month (Xbox Gamepass Ultimate). Currently, the catalog offers for example The origins of Assassin’s Creed, Farce 5, Shadowrun returns, Umbrians, Between us, Aragami 2, ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition, Battlefield 14 and V, dirty 5, Dishonored, Mirror edge as well as all Microsoft games (Force Horizon, Gears of Wars, Alone, flight simulator). The range of games included in Stadia (€ 9.99 / month) and Utomik (€ 6.99 / month) is less impressive, while GeForce Now only offers the possibility to play games already purchased on Steam or Epic (1 hour / free session, € 9.99 / month 6 hours / session, € 19.99 / month RTX3080 8 hours / session).

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Samsung 2022 TVs and Smart Monitors therefore support Bluetooth and wired controllers by connecting to a free USB port. Small clarification the same, to play you need a Samsung account, an essential condition to be able to connect to the different platforms … The gaming hub is available with firmware 1302.5. The update should happen automatically. If not, you can always try your luck by forcibly checking for updates. Another constraint, cloud gaming access is not available worldwide. The Nordic countries are excluded, as are some other countries for rights management issues.

For those wondering how a TV or monitor can run next-generation video games, the answer is simple: they can’t. Cloud gaming allows you to play on a remote console and send the image only to the TV. Companies specializing in video game streaming have worked hard to reduce the latency between the action performed on the controller and its impact on the screen so that today games are playable as long as we have an excellent Internet connection (optical fiber). Image quality is at times a bit degraded, as is fluidity, but overall the experience remains good, even very good (see our GeForce Now and Stadia tests).

In the future, Samsung plans to integrate Amazon’s Luna service as well and even move the gaming hub to its older TVs (likely some 2021 Qled and Neo Qled models).


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