Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 recap


Xbox and Bethesda today present us a video event to announce all the news that will come in the future. Large and small projects have been announced to us in this presentation, let’s see together a summary of the most interesting announcements. For Xbox Game Pass subscribers, tons of new features await!

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red fall

This new FPS action / horror game pits you against a band of bloodthirsty vampires. Redfall is an open world cooperative game in which you can choose between different characters with different abilities developed by the Arkane Austin studio. The game is expected in 2023 on Xbox, PC and Cloud consoles.


Starfield, the new sci-fi RPG video game developed by Bethesda, is unveiled a little more today and is expected in 2023. Luckily for Game Pass subscribers, the game will be available, there are no more just to be very patient!

Diablo 4

Diablo IV is a hack ‘n’ slash action-RPG video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment scheduled for 2023. The presentation showed us a lot more about this new game as well as revealing a new class of characters, the necromancer.

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 finally announces its release date on October 4th! The game will offer new modes, new maps, but most of all new heroes!

game passage

Games available on Game Pass

Hollow Knight: A Song of Silk

The sequel to the popular Hollow Knight will arrive on Game Pass upon release, as players will be able to play Hunter Hornet, a character featured in the first game.

High on the waist

The new game from the Squanch Games studio will be available on Game Pass as soon as it is released and will have its world premiere today. High on Life is a new FPS from the creators of Rick and Morty and Solar Opposite that pits you against an alien drug cartel. The game is scheduled for October 2022 on Xbox, PC and Cloud consoles.

A requiem on the tale of the plague

The A Plague Tale sequel will arrive on Game Pass upon release and promises more drama and action than ever. The game is expected in 2022 on Xbox, PC and Cloud consoles.

As the twilight falls

As Dusk Falls is an original interactive drama that explores the intricate lives of two families over the span of thirty years. The game will be released on July 19th and will be available on Game Pass.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the next game from Team Ninja and will be released in 2023. The new samurai game will be available as soon as it is released on Game Pass.

Forza Motorsport

Developed by Xbox Games Studio, Forza Motorsport is scheduled for spring 2023 on Xbox, PC and Cloud consoles.

Microsoft flight simulator

Microsoft’s oldest franchise turns 40 with the addition of helicopters, gliders and new planes. Everything will be available on Game Pass in November 2022 on Xbox, PC and Cloud consoles.

Untold ARA story

A new turn-based strategy game developed by Xbox Games Studio will be available on Game Pass on PC.


Scorn is a new horror game that will be released exclusively on Xbox and will be available on Game Pass when it releases on October 21, 2022. Available on Xbox, PC and Cloud consoles.

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn

It is a new role-playing, action-adventure video game, slated for release in early 2023 and available on Game Pass.

Minecraft legends

Minecraft Legends is a new action and strategy game scheduled for release in 2023. Available on Game Pass.

Frontier of the light year

Available from its release scheduled for spring 2023 on Game Pass, Lightyear Frontiers is a new adventure and simulation game.

Shooting revival

Scheduled for October 2022, it will be released on Game Pass.

Benedict Fox’s latest case

The Last Case of Benedict Fox is a gothic Metroidvania, coming in spring 2023. The game will launch on Game Pass on Xbox and PC consoles.


Pentiment will be released in September 2022 on Xbox, PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming

Ereban: The legacy of the shadow

Ereban: Shadow Legacy is a fast-paced stealth platformer, coming in 2023 available on Game Pass.


Ravenlok, Cococucumber’s new pixelated game, will be available to gamers on Xbox Game Pass from day one of the game’s release in 2023.


Cocoon is a new game from Playdead, the independent studio behind hits like Limbo and Inside, out in 2023 and available on Game Pass.


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