Wounded, Valeri Nichushkin went to the avalanche parade in a wheelchair


Today is when members of the Colorado Avalanche hit the streets of Denver to celebrate with fans in the traditional Stanley Cup Parade.

And clearly, there were people at mass.

The story doesn’t say if Pavel Francouz was as drunk as he was at the party after winning, but it looked like the boys were having a good time.

Nazem Kadri in particular shaken a jersey that mocked the fact that there were too many men on the ice at some points in the series and is reminiscent of Nikita Kucherov’s “$ 18M Over the Mass” jersey in 2021.

The boys decided to go belly up, Samuel Girard made the Ferris wheel – must be better than when he got injured – and clearly, the fun was there on what seemed like a pretty hot day in Colorado.

But not everyone was able to have a lot of fun.

Everyone knows that it takes dedication to win 16 playoff games. Valeri Nichushkin is one of the players who was forced to play injured during the playoffs.

Seeing the pictures of his injury, one understands why he wore sandals to get to matches.

Results? He has difficulty walking.

For the parade of the day he therefore showed up in a wheelchair, which must be difficult for pride and which must reduce the chances of celebrating with dignity with the other boys.

Can you believe this guy was playing a few days ago? Obviously he was not the only one injured on both sides, but we will say that he was among the worst.

He deserves his Stanley Cup.

Lot of

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