With its good streak, Cayden Primeau remains an option in CH’s long-term plan


Since the Canadiens drafted Cayden Primeau in the seventh round of the 2017 draft, the latter has quickly climbed the Habs’ prospect hierarchy thanks to two great seasons in the NCAA.

On a professional level, however, it has not always been easy for Primeau. The youngster has certainly had good times in AHL, but what for a few years was considered the “goalkeeper of the future of CH” had less rosy moments, especially during his few beginnings in the NHL, where the confidence was not quite there.

The good news, however, is that during the current Laval Rocket playoffs, Primeau has regained his mojo. The 22-year-old goalkeeper is 9-4-0 with an average of 2.10 goals and a save rate of 0.937. We’re a long way from the Primeau we’ve seen in the NHL this season.

And this morning, on the waves of the TSN 690Marc Denis has rightly spoken of the youngster, saying that his current performance means that we cannot yet exclude him from the long-term plan of the CH. Could not agree more.

Basically, what Denis seems to be saying (at least that’s what I understand) is that for Primeau, the current series has been a great test of what the CH might stick to in terms of the future. If he had known the good ones (as is currently the case), he would have remained an option to be the “keeper of the future”, but if he had known the bad ones, the CH would have had to turn to other guards.

Not from there not to keep it next year, but simply to assume it wasn’t the solution, that simple.

Right now, Primeau is playing perhaps the best hockey of his (young) career. And he’s doing it at a pivotal time, which is a very good sign.

Again, that’s not to say that Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton can assume Primeau will definitely be the right keeper to fill that role in the long run. However, the need to find a good young goalkeeper today is less pressing than a few weeks ago, after all.

Does this mean that Ilya Samsonov, in which CH had some interest before the deadline, will not even be considered for a transaction this summer? Perhaps.

In short, we will see if this summer the CH will feel the need to acquire another young goalkeeper. It’s never a bad idea to do this, but Primeau is currently proving that it may not be THE priority.

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