Why Microsoft is canceling some Xbox Game Pass subscriptions


Due to the results of an investigation by the UK Competition and Markets Authority, Microsoft has begun to cancel some of them Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. Tech companies are no strangers to government regulations, especially larger ones like Microsoft, which have to contend with the turmoil of international trade. The company’s Xbox Game Pass subscription is the latest service to have renewed the regulations, with changes to the way the company manages its renewal and cancellation policies.

Since its introduction, Xbox Game Pass has been considered one of the best values ​​in the gaming industry. Especially with the volume and quality of Game Pass revelations during the Summer Game Fest, subscribers to the service have a lot to be excited about. star field, red fallAnd Hollow Knight: A Song of Silk are just a few of the heavyweights that will enter service in the next year. However, in addition to the new games, more changes to Game Pass are coming soon.

Following the UK Competition and Markets Authority investigation, Microsoft is modifying Game Pass to make it easier for subscribers to cancel their subscription or turn off automatic renewal of the service. Additionally, inactive accounts will automatically start terminating their subscriptions, without the user requiring any action. It seems these changes are coming to both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold, making it easier for all Xbox players to manage their subscriptions.

Game Pass cancels old subscriptions and brings transparency

Along with a possible family plan for Xbox Game Pass, more transparency is coming soon. These changes will be implemented globally, although the survey was based in the UK. Canceled inactive subscriptions are a key part of this new plan, ensuring that Microsoft’s service doesn’t just take advantage of forgetful gamers who subscribed at some point and then accidentally left the subscription active.

Additionally, any upcoming price increases will be notified in advance and subscribers will receive instructions on how to turn off auto-renewal if they no longer wish to subscribe to the service after the increase. Microsoft will also contact current subscribers with 12-month contracts to offer customers a refund, based on the duration of the service subscription. For example, if customers purchase an annual subscription for $ 99 and get their refund after being subscribed for 6 months, the customer will receive approximately $ 50. These refund offers add to Microsoft’s crackdown on some Game Pass subscriptions sold by a fraudulent dealer.

All in all, there are new changes coming to Xbox Game Pass that are incredibly easy to use. However, Microsoft could still make other changes to make sure Game Pass isn’t predatory. One big change that could still be made is to allow users to cancel auto-renewal directly from their Xbox consoles, rather than requiring the change to be made on a web browser. While there is still some work to be done, these new changes will bring Xbox Game Pass an even better deal for gamers.

Source: UK Competition and Markets Authority

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