Why buy Mario Strikers: Battle League … and why skip [CRITIQUE]


When it comes to football, I might be the last person you want to talk to.

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I find sport boring to watch and even more boring to participate in. Why the hell would you wanna run again and again? Look, I just don’t understand the endless craze for football.

So if I told you I had a lot of fun with Mario Strikers: Battle League, You can believe me. The skeptic in me was confused, not necessarily in all respects, but enough to be pleasantly surprised.

Nintendo Switch / Raphaël Lavoie screenshot

In that sense, as much fun as it is Battle League Sometimes, it’s not a perfect game, even though it sold for a whopping $ 80.

So should you buy the brand new sports game from dear Mario and his gang? We tell you why join the game … and why choose to remain seated on the bench.

Why buy Mario Strikers: Battle League?

It’s fun … and not just for football fans

Mario Strikers: Battle League may not have recent content Mario Golf Where is it Mario Tennis (more on that later), the title is still driven by Nintendo’s sports gaming DNA.

Nintendo Switch / Raphaël Lavoie screenshot

Getting started is easy, the matches – five against five, including the goalkeepers – are crazy and, in the end, we have fun like kids parked in front of a Nintendo 64 on a beautiful Saturday morning.

It is therefore not surprising that we are far from a game aimed only at the purists of the round ball. Here the ball never leaves the field, you can tackle the other players and the nets intertwine faster than in basketball (or almost). A bit like inside Mario Kartwe can also collect items to gain advantages or distract the opponent.

At the same time, I’m sure even the most classic football fans will find something to enjoy here, at least when they’re in the mood for something a little more festive.

In fact, the experience can be pushed even further when all mechanics are mastered, especially in terms of passing and dodging. It certainly isn’t FIFA, but comparisons can quickly get pretty technical when you’re up against someone particularly skilled. For those who want to improve their game, a (long) series of tutorials are offered.

Nintendo Switch / Raphaël Lavoie screenshot

In short, Mario Strikers: Battle League offers an excellent compromise between accessibility and depth in terms of playability. Young and old, football fans and not, will surely appreciate the rhythmic and madness game.

A perfect game for multiplayer

We do not create hiding places: Battle League it is above all a multiplayer game, designed for multiplayer battles. In this sense, the Nintendo title absolutely wins by savoring with other humans, in person or online.

Nintendo Switch / Raphaël Lavoie screenshot

Thus it is possible, on the same console, to take sides with eight players, or two complete teams (not counting the guards). That said, and given the quick introduction to the title, you’ll get it Mario Strikers: Battle League for many it will become the ultimate party game, being able to gather a whole group of friends in front of the television. That said, even with two, the experience quickly becomes enthralling and you are surprised to lose track of time as the parts are so connected to each other without you noticing.

The observation is quite similar when starting to play online, where it is possible to play as a team or in a duel, where everyone controls their team. Even on a weekday morning, it was easy to find opponents of various caliber, all with virtually no connection lag. In the middle of the game, the experience is also surprisingly smooth and doesn’t differ much from what we see locally.

Nintendo Switch / Raphaël Lavoie screenshot

Height of the group game, it should be noted that Battle League it also offers the possibility of entering a championship with the “Club Strikers” mode, where it is possible to put together a team of 20 players to try to climb the top of the world rankings. I haven’t tried the adventure myself, but we bet that online game fanatics will be happy to be able to get involved body and soul in Battle League together with their friends.

Why pass?

Only, there really isn’t much to do

There are always two sides of a coin. What if Mario Strikers: Battle League it’s a particularly exciting multiplayer game, unfortunately it’s a little bit the other way around if you’re the type who prefers to play solo.

So unless you convert to online gambling or are someone who never gets tired of doing more or less the same thing over and over again, chances are you won’t spend hours ahead of time. Battle League. For lack of diversified game modes, palpable progression and, quite simply, content.

Don't look for the other game modes, everything is in this menu.

Nintendo Switch / Raphaël Lavoie screenshot

Don’t look for the other game modes, everything is in this menu.

In all honesty, for me it’s a distinct disappointment on this side. Especially after Mario Golf: Super Corsa And Mario Tennis Aces each has offered, in recent years, a very nice adventure mode, a matter of satisfying the lone players of this world a little better.

Here, then, is no story mode or special challenges to overcome. Once the tutorial is over, you can start playing against the computer or, if not, try to settle for the “Cups” mode, where six (very short) tournaments are at your disposal, which pit you against teams specialized in certain aspects of the game. game (speed or passing, for example).

Nintendo Switch / Raphaël Lavoie screenshot

In short, after a few hours alone, we did the trick. I understand that this is a game made for multiplayer, but after Nintendo’s recent sports games have had an interesting single player look, it’s worth mentioning that Battle League go straight this way. To avoid unpleasant surprises …

Ultimately, there is very little content for an 80 $ game.

To many too, it must be admitted, Battle League unfortunately it does not shine for the variety of its game modes: the ten playable characters, each with their own particular abilities, manage to diversify the general experience a bit, but, otherwise, everything is quite similar from one side to the other.

Of course, given the high quality of the game, we end up getting involved in the game and forget that the recipe is always quite similar. Of course, that’s a bit of a disappointment for a game that, we point out, sells for $ 80! We are not talking about Missile League oa Autumn boys.

Nintendo Switch / Raphaël Lavoie screenshot

In that sense, it especially hurts when you compare the set to EA’s or 2K’s many more serious sports games. I’m not saying that these are perfect or that they serve the same clientele, quite the contrary. On the other hand, it must be admitted that, at a similar price, in terms of quantity of content, it is quite another thing.

Yes, in fact, the enthusiast can dedicate tens of hours to it Mario Strikers: Battle Leaguethe same way you can drag it Missile League and become an expert. But $ 80 for quick matches, six different cups (each taking a few tens of minutes to complete), an online league and a customization menu? Raise your eyebrows.

If you have money to spend and are looking for a good sports game that can be played with multiple people, all in a joyfully playful environment, you have it. There is no doubt. I believe others, however, may not get their money’s worth.

Nintendo Switch / Raphaël Lavoie screenshot

It’s up to you, then, how much you’re willing to pay for a (very) solid gaming experience, but an otherwise somewhat empty title.

* This review by Mario Strikers: Battle League was made with a digital copy provided by Nintendo.



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