Where does this strange double crater of unknown origin, discovered on the Moon by NASA engineers, come from?


NASA scientists updated an impressive double crater that just formed on the moon on March 4, 2022. It certainly comes from an impact with space debris, but which one?

It’s a puzzle for NASA scientists and engineers: A double crater has been observed on the Moon. An impact that must have been caused by an object such as rocket debris, but it is impossible to know where the culprit is coming from: all nations are faring.

A double crater discovered on the Moon

As if working as an engineer at NASA weren’t skill-intensive enough, you’d almost need a degree in private investigator or specialist investigator to work there today. In fact, the company’s employees are currently looking to solve a mystery concerning the Moon and its craters. We know that the relief of this star was formed by collisions with objects, ancient meteorites or celestial bodies.

On March 4, 2022, a new crater was discovered on the Moon, which has two impacts: it is therefore double. Where does this impact come from and who could have caused it? It’s definitely space junk as well it would be the first time that a remnant of a rocket accidentally collides with the lunar surface. American astronomer Bill Gray deduced that it was certainly the last stage of an abandoned rocket, in particular that of the Falcon X machine belonging to Elon Musk’s SpaceX company. This rocket was launched in 2015 and could have matched, but a NASA engineer showed that the rocket’s trajectory was inconsistent with the double impact location.

China denies causing the impact

China was therefore chosen: on October 23, 2014, the Chinese launched a Long March 3C rocket and debris from the spacecraft’s upper stage appears to match the impact mark. But the Chinese engineers completely deny the American analyzes! The Chinese Space Agency (CNSA) defends itself by stating that the rocket stage, reported by the Americans, has entered the Earth’s atmosphere and is burned, absolutely unable to leave traces on the Moon.

The US Space Command, for its part, does not agree with what the Chinese claim: the stage of the rocket in question would never have entered the atmosphere. Has a new space war begun? What is certain is that the double impact is a unique event and that it is difficult to explain: it could be that the stage of the rocket that crashed on the moon was loaded with a large mass at each of its ends. Each end would then have created a different crater.

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