When the PGA meets F1


But what was Ryan Hart, President’s Cup CEO and one of the PGA leaders in François Dumontier’s office doing yesterday morning?

Does the Canadian Grand Prix intend to install a mini-putt behind the stands?

Stupid question I didn’t ask Ryan Hart. But I still wanted to know. The PGA will present the President’s Cup in Montreal in 2024. It will be the first presentation in Quebec since 2007. I wanted to know more about how you prepare for an international event that lasts less than a week and has a huge scope.

“I told myself that the Canadian Grand Prix, the country’s most important sporting and tourism event, could allow us to improve our approach,” replies Ryan.


“François Dumontier was generous. He took us around. I got to see firsthand how French was treated on the site. It is important to us if we want to avoid any misunderstanding or disrespect. In addition, the Grand Prix requires the construction of many temporary infrastructures. We will have the same challenge for the President Cup. There are a thousand and one details that I have been able to observe during this hour spent visiting the facilities, ”says Mr. Ryan.

And he adds: “We will have both local and international customers. We will establish links and relations with Montreal and Quebec. Once again, François Dumontier has provided us with information and information. This visit is a great investment. “

For those who remember, it was in Montreal in 2007 that specialists and at least one gynecologist noticed Tiger Woods limping between two holes. He underwent surgery in the following weeks.


François Dumontier was proud of this visit. For a week he has faced the usual criticisms of environmentalists and some interested parties.

But all the tickets have sold out and the excitement is constant: “We are proud that a great organization like the PGA comes to visit us to learn a few things about organizing a great event. We don’t hide our game and have shown everything. If I can help, so much the better, “she said.

Dumontier is also proud when he reveals that representatives from nine Grands Prix from around the world will be in Montreal on Sunday.

“There will be people from Singapore, Dhabi, Qatar, Brazil, Las Vegas. To see what special we do to make our event so special in F1. Also Barcelona will be here because they will build new garages for 2024. There is also a minister of the state of Victoria which includes Melbourne who will come to discover our garages. Melbourne is expected to have new facilities by 2024, “Dumontier said.

We will then introduce him to Minister Caroline Proulx and François-David Rouleau.


It’s hard to make an omelette without breaking the eggs. Some howl at the Grand Prix, a symbol of the chariot, sex and other vices usually offered and controlled by the government.

But we know that the ideal world is that of imprisonment and curfew. The world closed in four and a half and therefore less pollution.

But in the meantime there is another life: “I am also proud of what the Grand Prix brings to the economic recovery of the city center. All hotels are full. We send some of our clients to Valleyfield or Saint-Sauveur. There, too, the Manor is full. There are not enough restaurants to meet the demand and this year it is estimated that 57% of our clientele are visitors from outside Quebec. It’s important. We think we can contribute by offering a great race, “said Dumontier.

And here comes Paul Wilson again

Paul Wilson was fired along with Marc Bergevin and Trevor Timmins. A general manager and a great scout with big arms, we can understand. They are layoffs that occur when there are no more managers to sacrifice. But an honest PR man and vice president of communications is rarer.

Paul Wilson is back. He accepted a mandate with the PGA to work on the presentation of the President’s Cup starting September 23, 2024 at the Royal Montreal Golf Club. And he quickly regained his composure and efficiency.


Wilson does not hide that he was very shocked by his firing. But as a man of experience, he quickly realized that the best commitment he could offer to a future employer was discretion. So you won’t hear him throwing up on the Sainte-Flanelle. The CH remains a large organization that it was happy to serve.

Hubert Richard, leader of Effix, François-Xavier Seigneur’s company, also recommends him to the PGA. It was last January. And Effix is ​​a creature of the Canadiens, we know.

In other words, Wilson already has the PGA in his clientele. With this contract in hand, by September, he will be recruited by a large communications and crisis management company.

It’s the easiest forecast in town.

Apart from the lightning in six.


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