WhastApp takes a stand and wants you to switch from Android to iPhone more easily


News hardware WhastApp takes a stand and wants you to switch from Android to iPhone more easily

The new public beta of WatsApp finally realizes the announcement made a few weeks ago about the collaboration between Apple and Meta (formerly Facebook, owner of WhatsApp). Soon everyone will be able to easily transfer their data from Android smartphone to iPhone iOS. If you prefer to switch from iOS to Android, know that the transfer in this direction is in fact already available recently.

Are WhatsApp and Facebook pro Apple and iPhone?

This question is entirely legitimate. If you didn’t know, know that most social networks, including Instagram which also belongs to Meta, are known to be better optimized on iPhone than anywhere else.

This is very concretely verified on a daily basis:

  • Stories and photos shared from an Android smartphone lose much more quality than the same images sent from an iPhone.
  • Apple appears to be receiving preferential treatment having early access to certain updates or features, for a group of applications.

So what’s going on? Is there a secret deal between Apple and other digital giants?

So, yes and no. Sometimes, like today with WhatsApp data transfer, there really is some work hand-in-hand to implement certain features. Most of the time this is not the case.

WhastApp takes a stand and wants you to switch from Android to iPhone more easily

To understand this, you have to be on the side of the developers. IPhones have many advantages for them:

  • There’s a harmony in the stairs : few products, all quite similar. It is therefore easier to implement a feature that will work wonders on all iPhones than on all Android smartphones.
  • There are many iPhones in circulation, enough to be able to test things with a very large panel of people. And at the same time, this panel remains relatively small, minority Worldwide. Everything is alright.
  • IPhones are all high-end phones. Apple is by far the largest smartphone seller with more than $ 1,000. This ensures that you have powerful devices that take great photos.
  • iOS has a reputation for being a “closed” system. This is both true and very false. iOS is closed enough to provide some form of data protection and to become a real deterrent to hackers … while being open in some respects. For example, since every app on the App Store has been verified by Apple, Apple has no problem allowing Snapchat or Instagram to have full access to the camera algorithms. Therefore, applications can handle image processing in a much finer way and less damage the quality of photos during compression.

So to answer the question we were asking, no, Meta isn’t particularly pro Apple. Things are generally easier to control on iOS for purely practical reasons.

WhastApp takes a stand and wants you to switch from Android to iPhone more easily

Successfully smoothly switching between operating systems has been a real goal for Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg for some time now. The biggest challenge for the company was achieving this feat while maintaining a high level of security, the famous “end-to-end encryption” so important to WhatsApp users.

The mission is finally accomplished and, as you will see, transferring data from Android to an iPhone is particularly simple:

  • First you have to connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Then it’s better connect both phones to ensure that the battery level does not interrupt the process.
  • Finally, you just have to download the Apple application “Migrate to iOS”, which will explain step by step the procedure to follow with WhastApp.

Keep in mind that until you delete WhatsApp from the Android device, the data remains on it. Since all of this is done while maintaining end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp obviously does not have access to the data transferred from one phone to another.


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