wants to start the 2022-23 season with the Canadiens


The day after the painful (and not very beautiful) defeat in Springfield, Rocket players met with reporters for the traditional emptying of lockers. Very few of them had slept more than four hours the previous night due to a night bus return …

Rafaël Harvey-Pinard, of a humble, discreet and reserved nature, surprised everyone by admitting to aiming for the NHL full-time in 2022-23. We did an article about it on the site. RDS had also done the same thing.

“I know what I want next year. I want to make my place in Montreal. This will be my goal and I will work very hard this summer to achieve it. – Rafaël Harvey-Pinard to journalists

Well, the Jonquiérois has returned to the office in the last few hours. This time speaking with Nicholas Richard of La Presse.

“Rafael Harvey-Pinard’s goal is clear: he wants to play in Montreal next season. He has gone to great lengths to achieve this and has established himself not only as the Rocket’s top scorer, but also as an inveterate leader. – Nicola Riccardo

HPRwho was once the captain of the Huskies and Saguenéens in the QMJHL, wore a ” HAS “ this season in Laval. Despite his 23 years and his little experience in professional hockey …

Jean-François Houle told Nicholas Richard that Harvey-Pinard showed a lot command in 2021-22, both on and off the ice. Despite having a slow start to the season and a slow start to the playoffs, the young hockey player never spared his efforts and managed to bounce back: he finished at the top of the Rocket scorers in the regular season (56 points in 69 games), then third among his team in playoffs (10 points in 15 games).

Harvey-Pinard works constantly and its success is not accidental. His goal in four games with the Canadiens gave him a sensation that you want to taste more often in the future.

In September he will come to the camp with the ultimate goal of convincing the staff that he deserves his place in the sun (whatever …) next season.

“I will keep the same identity. I’ll go to the places that hurt, these are the places that pay the most on the ice, so I’ll keep playing like that. – Rafael Harvey-Pinard

Do you have a real chance of joining the Canadiens formation on day 1? Let’s say the odds aren’t on his side …

Several wings are currently in plans for next season at CH: Gallagher, Dadonov, Hoffman, Armia, Drouin, Byron, Caufield, Pitlick (Rem) …

This already fills the eight available positions. And maybe Juraj Slafkovsky will join this group?

But there are still several months to go before the disc is put into play. Kent Hughes will definitely be looking to trade at least one of his veteran wings … and Paul Byron could have played his last game in the NHL (hip).

On the other hand, Harvey-Pinard or Pezzetta (who buys for a one way deal)? Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton will have to make heartbreaking decisions in October.

Note that Devante Smith-Pelly went there with a comment that alone boosts the chance see Rafaël Harvey-Pinard playing in show next season.

“Harvey-Pinard reminds me of Brendan Gallagher. They are exactly the same. No offense to my friend Gally, but I think Raf is more talented. He was probably our best player. “ – Devante Smith-Pelly, who played with Harvey-Pinard and Gallagher (at his peak)

DSP he’s not afraid to say loud and clear that Harvey-Pinard is arguably better than Gallagher … a guy who has already scored 33 goals in one NHL season. Was Smith-Pelly talking about the Gallagher of 2022 or about Brendan Gallagher in a broader sense?

Harvey-Pinard has often been compared to Gallagher in the past. Both are 5’9 and both play a style of play based on energy, courage and determination. Gallagher is making a lot of money and is down … while Harvey-Pinard is still getting better year after year. He is only 23 years old and has not (yet?) Suffered several serious injuries …

If Gallagher, 30, didn’t have a $ 6.5 million a year contract for another five seasons, what a bad contract! -, I think so, Harvey-Pinard could kick him out of the Montreal squad in the short or medium term. Though Gallagher, all wounded, says his body won’t let go in 2022-23 …

But with today’s NHL accounting reality, Gallagher probably has a place in the align of the Canadiens until he had to stop playing. Probably before his contract expires (à la Shea Weber) …

It is simply immutable.

But if we ignore this accounting reality, who would you rather see next season on the third row? Gallagher or Harvey Pinard? I have no right to answer both …

Since the CH is being rebuilt, I’d say Harvey-Pinard, me. And you don’t even need to submit a new deal, since he still has one year on his contract …

Lot of

– Calder: No vote for Rem Pitlick.

– Kent Hughes will be able to move up a few degrees end / middle first round?

– Jay Woodcroft didn’t break the bank in Edmonton.

– Mané in Monaco.

– There will be a lot of people in Qatar for the World Cup.

– Brault-Guillard shouldn’t leave Impact.


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