Vincent Guzzo was expelled because he didn’t want Danny Maciocia


For several years, the Alouettes and CF Montreal have been battling for share of the sports market during the Canadiens’ off-season. That said, right now, let’s say the wave is on CF Montreal’s side.

Yes, it’s because of the performance of Wilfried Nancy’s men, but it’s also because the Alouettes aren’t helping themselves. How come? Because team leadership starts at the top of the pyramid.

And right now, at the top of the Alouette pyramid, things couldn’t be worse.

In 2019, after a long sales process, businessman Sid Spiegel and his son-in-law Gary Stern got the club. While Quebec investors were interested, it was the Ontarians of the steel industry who took over the club.

But a few months after buying 75% of the club, Mr. Spiegel died. It was therefore Gary Stern who took control of the club and let’s say that his management style was criticized.

His numerous tweets, in which he constantly promised amateurs victories, were particularly poorly perceived.

And then on Monday, a dramatic change: Stern is no longer involved in the day to day activities of the club and is no longer the club’s representative as the league governor.

Clearly, his management style, as I said, was not unanimous. In an interview with TSN 690 yesterday, Danny Maciocia, the club’s chief executive and manager, made no secret of the fact that he didn’t like the way things were done by his boss.

This means the club could be on sale in the coming months. After all, between Mr. Spiegel’s succession and Mr. Stern’s departure, the club has no stability.

And it shows in the organization, from what I understand.

Yesterday, on the waves of BPM Sports, Tony Marinaro and Jean-Charles Lajoie raised the possibility of seeing CH and CF put their noses in practice to do like in Toronto, where the MLSE has several clubs in the city. Basically, in addition to the Blue Jays, the big Toronto teams belong to the MLSE.

Would taking the Alouettes with the biggest clubs in the city (if interested) help the team? Certainly.

After all, if the CH decides that you need to, for example, buy season tickets from the Alouettes to help them get season tickets from the Canadiens, that can help the cause of the CFL football team.

It can also help you recover some losses.

It could also be helpful in promoting the club. After all, at this moment, there is no link to be made between an Ontario company that works in steel (the company of the current owners of the Alouettes) and the football of the Alouettes.

If a local investor was there and did crosslinking among his various companies, he could help support the Alouettes.

From crosslinkingfor those who ask, it is as if Vincent Guzzo bought the place and promoted it in his cinemas and restaurants. The reverse is also true, by the way.

I take the example of Vincent Guzzo, since the same investor from Quebec talked about it this morning with JiC on the waves of BPM Sports.

If he were in his place, that’s what he would do and he believes this is how the future of the Alouettes should unfold. That said, it won’t happen with him as long as CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie is in charge.

In his interview, it couldn’t be clearer. He also shot everything that moved, including the superintendent.

If the club goes on sale soon and the league doesn’t change its controversial commissioner, don’t expect to see Mr. Guzzo in the club profile again. If there is a change of commissioner, he would be interested.

How come? Because in 2019, when he wanted to buy the Alouettes, he was played behind.

Basically, he says he was the favorite to buy the club and that the trial was underway, but when he said he wasn’t going to work with Danny Maciocia, he was expelled by the Commissioner, who eventually sold to Sid Spiegel and Gary Stern.

How come? Because Randy Ambroise and Danny Maciocia are good friends.

In the eyes of Mr. Guzzo, Maciocia is a man who “prefers glamor to the health of his team” and does not want to work with a man who is a control freak so.

I guess he’s not a fan of Vernon Adam Jr.’s swapping with Lions. After all, Adams Jr. has always been the boyfriend of former coach Khari Jones (who lost his job a few weeks ago) and Maciocia, who took his place as a driver, has always preferred Trevor Harris. Gary Stern is also said to have opposed this transaction.

For these reasons, as long as the current Commissioner is in office and the Alouettes are treated as a “sporting jewel” by the owners, it will not work.

And in Vincent Guzzo’s eyes, the Alouettes are currently in possession of a guy who simply wants to brag that he has a football team and not a guy who wants to move the club forward.

In two days, the Alouettes will play at home against the Ottawa Redblacks. I can’t wait to see how the club will react, which also has to manage the controversy involving Christophe Normand.

Can’t wait to see how fans and reporters get on blowincluding my radio colleague Renaud Bourbonnais will be analyzing everything for us in the coming days.

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