Video game test: should you fall in love with Sony’s new PlayStation Plus?


Sony's new PlayStation Plus.
More than 400 games are available, depending on the subscription formulas, in Sony’s new PlayStation Plus. (Screenshot ©

To crack or not to crack, that is the question. The temptation is great, in fact, to spend a few tickets to be able to take advantage of them hundreds of video games new Sony PlayStation Plus. The game is worth the candle? We give you some clues, to better understand the subject, depending on your interest in video games.

We limit our expenses, when we love a little

If you play video games occasionally and are not a fan of online games, you can easily do without PlayStation +. All you have to do is buy some favorite titles throughout the year (possibly even sometime, a few months after their release, to pay for them less) and that’s more than enough to enjoy. PS4 or PS5 console.

The PS + Essential, when you love it a lot

For more regular gamers, the first level of PlayStation + may be more than enough. This has been around for a long time and is maintained in Sony’s new offering, now under the name Essential.

For € 59.99 per year (€ 24.99 for three months or € 8.99 per month), you can play online with your friends, store your saves in the cloud, and best of all, you are offered two or three every month PS4 and PS5 games (keep them for the duration of the subscription).

Games of all kinds, not always extraordinary, but there are also very nice surprises, which allow you to discover almost forty titles every year. It’s a good first compromise.

For example, the games offered this July are: Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s about time (adventure – family); The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan (horror – cinematic) and Arcadegeddon (cooperative multiplayer shooter).

Sony's new PlayStation Plus.
Sony’s new PlayStation Plus. (Screenshot ©

The PS + Extra, when you love passionately

With the PlayStation Plus extra, we’re starting to target more experienced players, who are much more content hungry anyway. It’s one of the new features of the new PlayStation Plus and it’s also our favorite.

Video: currently on Actu

Keep the same benefits as the previous Essential formula (online game, games of the month, etc.) and, in addition, benefit from a catalog of about 400 games (from PS4 and PS5) to download.

400 titles is huge and, for once, there are some really great games on the list, including: Marvel Spider Man (and Miles Morales), Returnal, Death Stranding, Demon’s Souls, Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone, God of War, The Last of Us, Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed Vahalla …

If giants appear on the list, there are also notable absentees, such as the very latest Gran Turismo 7, the beautiful Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, certainly one of the best games on PS5, or the superb Horizon Forbidden West. One of the biggest criticisms we can make of the new PS +, compared to competitor Microsoft’s Xbox Games Pass, which shows great successes as soon as they are released.

Inevitably, this offer costs € 99.99 per year (€ 39.99 for three months and € 13.99 per month). It is a great opportunity to discover a plethora of references.

However, while this content may seem monstrous, it will be less so for players who have been making fun of the console for years. Some of them have already seen and reviewed many of these titles, many even already have them in box version.

After all, PS + Extra is a reasonable pleasure, at your fingertips, a nice birthday or Christmas gift for example, for gamers attached to their console in search of richer and more varied content.

Sony's new PlayStation Plus.
Sony’s new PlayStation Plus. (Screenshot ©

The PS + Premium, when you love to madness

Let’s go up another floor, with the PlayStation Plus Premium. This is the maximum of the new PS +, but also the most expensive formula: 119.99 euros per year (49.99 euros for three months or 16.99 euros per month).

At this price you get the benefits of the previous two offerings, Essential and Extra with, in addition, a collection of classic games available, released on PS One, PS2, PS3 and PSP.

This formula also gives you the ability to play a panel of streaming games (without the need to download them).

And it also lets you play trial versions of some new games.

Sony's new PlayStation Plus.
Sony’s new PlayStation Plus. (Screenshot ©

When is too much is too much?

Honestly, we find this Premium offer so gigantic that we almost end up getting lost in it and not knowing who to turn to.

There are many titles, some make you want to play them, others much less. And there are some games that we thought were cult but that, by chance, took a nice wrinkle when you restart them, so much so that the urge to go back passes pretty quickly.

Despite everything, when we see that PS5 games today are displayed for 70 or 80 euros in a box and that we always enjoy replaying old hits from previous PlayStation consoles, turning to this formula deserves all the same reflection, for the most assiduous gamers.

And when you don’t like PS + at all

We conclude with a good reason … not to fall in love with the new PlayStation Plus. A valid reason for many players even today: as many of these games offered as there are, are all available, by definition, in a dematerialized version. In other words, finished the game in a box, on the good old cake we love so much.

We’re just talking about downloadable games here, which only exist for the duration of your subscription. The day you quit, you lose your games. This system is the worst enemy of collectors, true retro-players, who have dozens and dozens of boxed games, meticulously arranged on their shelves.

The PS One games offered with the PS + Premium have already polished and replayed them on their “real” vintage PS1 …

Sony's new PlayStation Plus.
Sony’s new PlayStation Plus. (© DR)

We fell in love with the Extra version

To each his own then, but it must be recognized that Sony is revolutionizing its offer with its new PlayStation Plus, which is nothing more than a way to align itself with the competition, especially in the face of Microsoft’s formidable Xbox Game Pass.

As far as we are concerned, the Extra version already seems very complete and reasonable to have fun.

The first games we are going to (re) download are Little Big Planet 3 and Slack, for the pleasure of replaying them as a family; God of War, to get back in the mood before the next Ragnarok opus. And until dawn, which we really wanted to repeat, after our previous The Quarry test.

Not too much, because by chance, the PS5 hard drive fills up quickly, if we already have Gran Turismo 7, NBA 2K22 and a few other heavyweights installed!

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