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MONTREAL – Limited to the role of substitute, Alouettes quarterback Vernon Adams Jr. was traded to BC Lions in exchange for a 2023 first-round pick on Wednesday.

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Identified as the owner of the Montreal club at the end of his retirement, the 29-year-old athlete lost his job to Trevor Harris after the first quarter of the second half of the season.

Adams Jr. was later placed on the list of injured with tendonitis in his right elbow. It was a secret from Pulcinella who had been healthy for quite a while.

“Vernon and I have been discussing your situation for several weeks. In the last few days we have met twice and he asked me if I could check if there was an opportunity for him to play elsewhere, “explained general manager Danny Maciocia a few hours after the transaction.

The man who also serves as the Alouettes’ interim head coach reached out to his CFL counterparts and quickly landed two offers for Adams Jr. He revealed that he absolutely wanted to give a first-round speech in the next draft.

“I was pretty clear when I picked up the phone. It took 24 hours and there were no negotiations.

A question of money

Although Maciocia wanted to please Adams Jr., the financial aspect was also very important in this exchange. The pivot held one of the most profitable deals among Sparrows players. Additionally, Harris’s contract structure allows him to earn significant bonuses based on time spent on the field. The 36-year veteran’s pay has taken a big leap since he started as a starter.

“I don’t hide that it was a factor,” Maciocia said. Could it continue to work? Perhaps. However, I had to make decisions early, which meant someone would make them.

Additionally, the TSN network argued that Adams Jr.’s departure was facilitated by the removal of minority owner Gary Stern from the club’s fold. The businessman reportedly turned down exchanges involving Adams Jr., but resigned from his role as CEO and his position on the CFL board on Monday.

The GM of the Alouettes did not want to investigate this question.

A calculated risk

However, Maciocia took a risk by sending the quarterback to British Columbia. Should Harris ever fall in combat, he will have to turn to the pivots Dominique Davis and Davis Alexander. The former is more recognized for his skills with his legs, while the latter has not yet played a regular season match in the CFL.

“There are always risks”, Maciocia relaunched

“However, you have to evaluate your staff. We are happy with Dominique Davis and are thrilled to have someone like Davis Alexander with us. We are well positioned in the short term and have a long term plan ”.

To return to Adams Jr., he will have a chance to compete for the starting position with Lions with Michael O’Connor and Antonio Pipkin, another former Alouettes. The BC club recently lost the services of excellent Nathan Rourke for a long time.

The next game for the Lions will be in Montreal, as it will be played at the Stade Percival-Molson on September 9th.

Another Alouettes transaction

In addition to swapping Vernon Adams Jr., the Alouettes swapped with the Edmonton Elks to get defensive lineman Thomas Costigan and defender Nafees Lyon.

General manager Danny Maciocia traded defensive linesman Avery Ellis and a third-round pick in exchange for the two footballers he desperately wanted.

“I’ve been trying to bring Costigan and Lyon here to Montreal for three weeks. They are two very good active players who play games, “he said after coaching his team.

Ellis’ departure is a surprise, considering he was one of the first catches in the CFL’s latest free agent market.

“Everything was fine. She had games where he was better than others. He remains a very good player and will help Edmonton. It was the price to pay, ”explained the DG.

The two newcomers will not be too out of place, as they have already evolved under the orders of the Alouettes defensive coordinator, Noel Thorpe.

Additionally, the Alouettes have released running back Tavien Feaster. The latter was suspended earlier this week for not returning to the fold after the club’s week off.


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