Ty Smilanic studied Cole Caufield’s game to improve


Ty Smilanic had a very good field of development last July with the Canadian. Ben Chiarot’s acquired hope in business can now move on to a new challenge in the NCAA: his first season with the Wisconsin Badgers. The forward is very excited to join the lineup in which his future teammate, Cole Caufield, played.

Even though he never got the chance to play with Caufield, Smilanic studied his game when he got the chance, he who also calls himself a scorer.

“I was playing with the Under 17s when he was with the Under 18s and he made his historic year of 72 goals. I consider myself a goalscorer too, and he is one of the best young goalscorers in the world. So, it was great to be able to take a closer look at him when I was only 17. I studied his game a lot, what he knew how to do and how he managed to score. – Ty Smilanic via the official Canadiens website

Smilanic is 20 and Caufield 21. That year of difference has kept them apart on their journey so far. They never got to play together, but they were able to skate together this summer.

Smilanic was visiting Madison, where the University of Wisconsin Badgers play, this summer to tour and practice. Cole’s brother Brock Caufield was right there, having played for the Badgers for four years. Coincidentally, Cole was visiting his brother during this time and the three skated together.

Small consolation for Smilanic, this year he will be able to play with Caufield, but it won’t be Cole. It will be Brock, who will stay for a fifth year with the Badgers uniform. Normally, Brock would not have been licensed, but due to the pandemic, the NCAA is making an exception.

Last year, Smilanic played for the Quinnipiac University Bobcats in ECAC and decided to join Wisconsin starting this season. No, he didn’t decide to follow in Cole Caufield’s footsteps. He wanted to start over and surround himself with the best.

The one who really tipped the scales was Badgers head coach Tony Granato.

“Being coached by Tony (Granato) was probably the main reason I chose Wisconsin. This was one of the biggest deciding factors for me ”. – Ty Smilanic via the official Canadiens website

There is no denying that Granato seems to be doing a great job raising him. Cole Caufield went to talk to him last season, to find the way to success. After his discussion with Granato, Caufield became a goal machine and was full of confidence.

The Canadian’s hope needs confidence, he who says he didn’t have a good season last year. We can understand it. With 13 goals and 10 assists in 41 games, last season was worse than him before him in the NCAA, where he scored 14 goals and 7 assists in just 29 games.

Let’s hope the car gets off to a great start for Smilanic.

If he reaches the NHL and needs motivation to perform, his coach will be there. We all know that Martin St-Louis is capable of motivating a player to lubricate the machine.

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