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Today we offer you a test on The Quarry game developed by Supermassive Games. Are we yet to introduce the horror developers to whom we owe the Until Dawn series or The Dark Pictures Anthology? Not really, we know we’re going to tremble, but will the game advertised as “Teen Horror” be scary enough for us? The answer below.

We wander in the forest …

The caveWe can’t tell you about it The cave not to mention the scenario, but rest assured we will try to spoil as little as possible and the beginning of our article offers only the synopsis known to all. The game tells the story of a group of teenagers who became monitors in a remote summer camp in the woods called Hackett’s Quarry … And what was supposed to be a good and pleasant moment among young people making discoveries, quickly becomes horrible!

In the program we will find everything that makes Supermassive Games the charm of the games and concerns the human complexity that in the face of insecurity and difficulties will not react in the same way! Some protagonists are afraid, but their egos will take over to show nothing to others, when other more reserved teenagers can quickly panic …

You understandThe cave is a “Teen Horror” game that mixes genres or fiction in a prominent place in the universe! A game to be reserved for an informed public, because the gameplay will oscillate between narrative video, quotes, choice of paths that can lead to one of the 186 endings of the game (yes, there is a lot to do).

Effective classicism

If you’ve already played the other Supermassive gamesyou will not be surprised by the gameplay which remains relatively identical to the games of the past with some simplifications …

In the program you will have to explore the places, collect objects, look at notes and find tarot cards that can predict the future and of course choose answers during the narrative choices … But before you get there, you will have to complete the prologue of the game, then chapter 1 which will allow you to acclimate to the gameplay of The cave for newcomers.

Without spoiling you, we can only tell you that the prologue is interesting therefore, we will have to wait for chapter 3 (out of 10 chapters of the game) for something to finally happen in the story. A float that won’t necessarily please everyone, but the goal is to get to know the various monitors of the Hackett’s Quarry camp before finally sinking into horror …

From that moment on we will have to try to understand what is happening at Hackett’s Quary and obviously all this will not be a pleasure ride. Of course, like any good horror movie or game, most instructors will find themselves scattered throughout the adventure and will have to try to team up with the people accompanying them … to avoid killing everyone on your first run. , we invite you to be conciliatory and to forge bonds with the protagonists of the game that can bring the characters closer to you … It would be better if a secondary character saved your life for a bit of tragic, rather than get confused and see him flee, leaving you to die in excruciating pain, right?

As you will have understood, the narrative choice of your answers will have a butterfly effect and it is possible that some members do not like you or help you, when you are in trouble … Even if all this is much less pronounced than in the series The dark images.

Character traits make our protagonists more human and allow you to shape the game your way … But for that you’ll have to try to survive … or they all die! Yes, all this is possible, it is possible to kill all the protagonists, save them all or even save just a few! But for this it will be necessary to have a good understanding with colleagues, but also to have good reflexes, because once again the title of Supermassive games offers QTE!

Yes, Quick Time events are a legion The cave and you’ll have to go fast not to die! However, we believe The Quarry’s QTEs are somewhat simplified compared to Until dawn and the series Dark images. We explain to you, in the past we have had the right to a slowdown of the image for a short moment that forced us to press buttons, triggers and indications that appeared on the screen … Well, in The Quarry it’s almost over! Indeed, Supermassive games no longer offers keys, or even triggers, and the QTEs will only use the analog sticks of your controllers. A simplification to try to seduce the “Teen” for a horror game? The question remains!

It is not clear ? We explain to you, if you are running in the forest to escape, you will be asked to jump over branches or a small stream right now, you will see an image that asks you to raise the analog stick to jump over obstacles and if you don’t do it in time , your protagonist will fall and death may take you …

Simplification is also present during the breathing phases. If you are used to Supermassive games, you should know that you have been asked to press buttons several times to manage breathing or to manage stress and thus avoid being detected … Well, all these are no longer new in The cave where you will have to use a single button to block your breath and not be detected by an enemy or something else.

Imagine, we follow you, you hide in a closet and then an attacker enters the room. At this point, you’ll see a screen appear asking you to press the A button on Xbox, or the cross on PlayStation with a red outline indicating when to release the button … At first it looks confusing, but once you include the system breathing, you realize that it is much simpler than in the past games of the same company.

Finish, The cave offers us a clairvoyant who will distill some information throughout the story and will appear at each end of the chapter to help you understand what is happening … He will offer you to reveal one of the possible futures thanks to the tarot cards found in the Now, it’s up to you, if you want to be helped by the clairvoyant, who will show you horrible visions most of the time, or if you want to know nothing and continue the adventure at your leisure? The question remains!

Now that we’ve covered the gameplay and scenario, we’ll look at the available game modes.

The different ways

The Quarry is primarily a solitaire game in which you will be asked to make moral choices, investigate, fight enemies and try to survive. However, the developers of Supermassive Games also offer other choices, such as the ability to play The Quarry in local co-op for two players! Here, you will need to switch the controller in turn and each of the players will make their own narrative choices and QTEs! Will a member of your family or friend make a wrong choice that will lead to the death of one of the characters in the game? It’s entirely possible … But anyway, even playing alone, it’s almost impossible to finish the game without killing at least one person … So, we can’t blame the person who plays in partnership with us, can we?

In addition to that, The Quarry offers a mode called cinema that offers us three scenarios:

  • Everyone survives the horrors of Hackett’s Quarry
  • Everyone dies from the horrors of Hackett’s Quarry
  • director’s chair
  • And as a bonus, the blood festival

The first two scenarios offer to save or kill all the protagonists and are quite easy to watch! Yes, we said watch and don’t play, because the cinema mode allows you to watch a movie without making the slightest choice, or even do a QTE, but it looks like a movie in the cinema.

The director’s chair offers itself to make choices as in the classic solo campaign.

Finally, the blood festival will offer the worst deaths of the poor instructors in the Hackett’s Quarry camp and we urge sensitive souls not to go there.

A perfect horror game?

The cave Self The cave features high quality graphics, scary soundtrack and quality storyline with many branches! Is it a perfect game? Not really … If you appreciate the gaming experience and gameplay that has already proven itself Until dawn or The dark imagesthere are still gaps here and there.

The first is undoubtedly the confinement of the player to a script and a corridor game. If we are happy to accept the script of the game, we would have liked a little more freedom from the characters that we will direct and sadly it will not be!

An example, being the Hackett Quarry camp near the woods, we would have liked to have been able to walk in more open nature rather than getting stuck on two paths! Unfortunately, this kind of case will come up many times and if we understand that it is easier to count a story in a closed place, we would have appreciated a little more openness.

In addition to this, we also regret some too limited passages of the game where almost nothing happens and where we have some rather empty discussion with the various protagonists of the story!

Finally, we will repeat a bit what was said in the previous paragraph with the simplification of the QTEs that will not please all players. Is it to reach a new audience? The question remains!


With The Quarry, the Supermassive Games company takes us to a game with flawless scenery, high-quality graphics and a scary soundtrack! The scenario offers some twists that may surprise fans of the genre and the narrative choices, as well as the QTEs will have a direct impact on the scenario! Can you find all the endings? The question remains.

Despite all the qualities of the game, some players will regret the simplification of the QTE phases, as well as the dialogues that are sometimes too empty and not necessarily mature like the other games of the company! But with its many endings available, gameplay that can swing between your choices, and the ability to play it alone or with others, The Quarry remains an adventure for any self-respecting horror fan.

At GeekNPlay, we are once again returning to The Quarry and this time we will try to rescue any monitors that did not survive during our first runs.

* Tested on Xbox Series version

Some captures of houses from The Quarry

The cave

The cave


  • A plot with a few twists
  • Nice graphics
  • Narrative choices of Carnelian
  • Many endings available
  • Good replay value


  • We would have liked a more open world
  • Some environments are too dark
  • Simplification of QTEs
  • The game sometimes lacks rhythm
  • Some empty dialogue …


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