Trepang2 in demo version: pow !, you are dead


In a first person shooter, good firearms mechanics are paradoxically rare. Big games will usually prefer the good old-fashioned method of shooting, hiding behind a crate or wall, resurfacing to shoot again … Luckily, you play as Trepang2 to exist.

There have been Half life, with his enemy soldiers who knew how to track you down and throw grenades to get you out of hiding; there were the hordes of telepaths inside FEARand above all fighting madly evident, with their particle effects, shock waves and primordial chaos. There is now Trepang2?

The title, developed (well) by the Trepang studio using the Unreal 4 graphics engine, gives the impression of resuming the fighting of FEARin fact, without taking care of all the history that covered the thing … But while retaining a certain semi-successful paranormal aspect.

What is there to know, in this demo version already available for several months? You’re locked away somewhere and it seems like you have powers, including the ability to “focus” – the good old man bullet time, still useful for blowing heads. Surprise: people want to kill you. It’s up to you to riddle them with bullets before they do the same.

Always in line with FEARthe decorations of Trepang2 they’re industrial-grade, but with the sharpness, level of detail, and sterile beauty of an industrial setting made in Unreal 4. And while technically this gizmo is a generation old, the game is gorgeous.

Magnificent are also these particles and these light effects that add to the frenetic pace of the fighting. Especially since without a true story, the player will quickly switch from one fight to another, sometimes with just the right amount of time to catch his breath and, if he’s lucky, to replenish his ammo supply.

Anyone who says the demo version generally says little problems to fix, and Trepang2 is no exception. If the fights are really of very, very high quality, with sometimes extremely tense situations in which every bullet counts, we cannot help but notice the faults to be corrected.

First of all, the difficulty: the game’s designers have adopted the “sponge” method to design their enemies. We can understand that in hard mode, the soldiers to be killed are more resilient, but even in normal mode, ironically, it is not normal to empty an entire machine gun magazine on an enemy and they are still standing. Or to unload his powerful rifle almost point blank, without sending his enemies to patres.

Even the artificial intelligence needs to be further refined, the enemies sometimes remain firmly planted on both legs, motionless, rather than trying to find the player.

That said, the deeply visceral experience is already particularly enjoyable. And there is no doubt that once the title is completed, Trepang2 it will be an excellent first person shooter, far better than many AAA productions.


Developer: Trepang Studios

Publisher: Team 17

Platform: Windows (Steam)

Demo available in French (interface and subtitles)

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