Tomas Plekanec played an important role in the development of Artturi Lehkonen


The Avalanche won the Stanley Cup against the Lightning a few days ago. The Colorado team then deprived that of Tampa Bay by winning the third consecutive place.

The coronation of the gang to Nathan MacKinnon and company got the ink flowing and that’s fine as it is.

In Montreal, a lot of fans said they were happy for former Montreal Canadiens, Artturi Lehkonen. The latter, in the seasons spent under the team’s colors, made the organization proud. Everyone will remember his goal in Saint-Jean last year to push CH to the Cup final!

The Finn, acquired by Joe Sakic at the expiration of the trade, was excellent for Avalanche. And the successes experienced by the main stakeholder would perhaps never have happened without the help of Tomas Plekanec, Lehkonen’s mentor upon his arrival in the metropolis.

The father, after the game, did not miss the opportunity to praise the work of Pleky inside his son:

Seeing things like this is always great. Tomas Plekanec seemed like a good person and we have proof of that here.

This is where we see how much veterans can influence young people’s careers simply by supporting them. Some need more support, while others don’t.

And this is also why the presence of veterans on a team and in the locker room is an important factor in the success of a club, not necessarily just in hockey. This also applies to all other sports …

Bravo for Lehkonen and congratulations to Plekanec for what he was able to do. Hoping others will follow the example of the former number 14 of the Montreal Canadiens.

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– It’s normal.

– Restart.

– And we’re not done hearing about it.

Back to the past!

– Another win for the Jays.


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