To seduce with his metaverse, Zuckerberg offers you haute couture


Prada, Balenciaga or even Thom Browne: the more daring will be able to enjoy high fashion clothing on their social networks. In any case, their avatars. The Avatars Store is appearing on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger with renowned fashion designers to give your digital double a makeover.

avatar shop
Facebook Summer 2022 Collection // Source: Meta

Can’t afford the latest Prada outfit or the Balenciaga sweatshirt that grabs your attention? Your avatar will likely be able to do this. Welcome to this parallel world where your virtual double should do better than you.

In any case, it is partly what Mark Zuckerberg dreams of creating with his metaverse, of which he gradually lays the stones. After joining his friends to play online Crata and after having them dress like geeks, think about future fashionistas and bring the brands into her universe.

Balenciaga and Prada as gondola heads

On Twitter, Meta announced the opening of an Avatars Store, an online store where you can buy equally virtual clothes to renew your avatar on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger.

Do you need a new fit for your avatar? We are launching our Avatars Store on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger so that you can shop for digital clothing. Mark Zuckerberg and @ evachen212 tried new looks from @BALENCIAGA @ Prada @ThomBrowne ✨https: //

– Meta Newsroom (@MetaNewsroom) June 17, 2022

The first brands to embark on the adventure are Prada, Balenciaga and Thom Browne with a first “line” of clothing unveiled. On Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg indicated that other brands would soon follow. ” Digital assets will be an important medium of expression in the metaverse and a huge engine of the creative economy “Wrote the Meta boss on his favorite social network, while announcing without surprise that very soon it will also be added to virtual reality.

Luxury is getting closer and closer to technology

No official launch date or pricing has been anticipated for this Avatars Store and Meta has been happy with a “soon”. In a video chat with Zuckerberg, Eva Chen, director of fashion partnerships at Instagram, also unveiled other more classic outfits that will be proposed.

Instagram avatars store Zuckerberg's facebook meta
Eva Chen (Instagram Director of Fashion Partnerships) unveils avatar outfits // Source: Capture Instagram

For some years now, luxury has taken its steps in the direction of technology. If we often think of Hermès’ very close partnership with Apple for Apple Watch bracelets, we have also seen Gucci make the Xbox packaging for the latest Xbox Series X or Balenciaga invite to Fortnite with leathers reminiscent of his clothing line.

Louis Vuitton had already established itself League of Legends designing the trophy for the 2019 Paris World Cup and creating a line of new items to buy in the game, not counting on Valentino or Marc Jacobs who appeared in Animal Crossing, or otherThe Sims 4who offered an extension to Moschino. Luxury has found in technology a new outlet that is as unexpected as it is completely obvious.

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