To get Pierre-Luc Dubois out of Winnipeg this summer, it will take established players


In recent days, the name of Pierre-Luc Dubois has been circulating more and more in the various transaction rumors. In fact, he appears to want to leave Winnipeg when he becomes an unlimited free agent in the summer of 2024 and, clearly, that forces the Jets to consider swapping him out if he has no plans to stay in the city for the long term. . .

Darren Dreger was on the air at TSN 690 this morning and specifically addressed the case of the forward Jets.

According to’insider from TSN, Dubois won’t be trading for a discount this summer and it will take a big offer to get him out of Winnipeg. After all, the striker is still “under control” of the team for two years, while he will be a limited free agent until the summer of 2024.

But how could this be an offer? Dreger says it will take (at least) an established NHL player as the Jets want to stay competitive even if they trade Dubois.

Recall that last week he took the Rangers example and mentioned Filip Chytil, Braden Schneider and Kaapo Kakko as potential focuses of a transaction involving the Quebec striker. They were mostly younger players, but they all played at least a few games in the NHL.

If we take a look at what CH could be like, it’s a safe bet that a transaction involving Dubois will most likely send a guy like Josh Anderson to Winnipeg. It will take something else, but Anderson would be the centerpiece of a return for the Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts native, in my opinion.

Dubois, a center who just turned 24, scored 28 goals and 60 points in 81 games last year.

Anderson, a winger who recently turned 28, scored 19 goals and 32 points in 69 games last year.

The difference is that Anderson (who has a partial no trade clause, can name eight teams he doesn’t want to be traded with) is signed until 2026-27 and has a hit cap $ 5.5 million per year. Dubois is currently a limited free agent and his own hit cap it will definitely be over $ 5.5 million on its next long-term contract.

However, Dubois vs. Anderson (and more), do you or don’t you?

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