tickets in Denver are (much) more expensive than in Tampa Bay


Starting Wednesday, the NHL will present a grand duel in the Stanley Cup final. Colorado and Tampa Bay will cross swords to put an exclamation point on a series that has been, I think, quite exciting.

And everyone is of the opinion that it will give great matches.

For my part, it will be in front of my television that will happen, of course. Those who choose to go to the games, on the other hand, will experience two different realities since the prices to go to see the Lightning bolt and to go to see the Avalanche have nothing to do.

But really nothing to see.

On the NHL website, you can see that purchasing a ticket to see Colorado for the first two games starts at $ 999 per ticket. It’s a great prize that’s not exactly affordable.

But for the lightning? We’re talking about a ticket that’s six times cheaper, starting at $ 167.


Nothing to do, I tell you.

If I ever find a cheap plane that leaves Vermont, for example, I could almost recommend buying one voyage go to Florida to see a game …

I also went to see StubHub, a question of comparison there too. For the first two games in Denver, tickets start at $ 1051 and $ 1172 for the first two games in the series.

In Florida, the difference is less marked ($ 777 and $ 890 per ticket for games # 3 and # 4), but it’s not the same price range.

No, Florida is not a traditional market. And we can’t even say it’s because the club went there three times in a row and people got used to it from the first time around, the boys won behind closed doors in the Edmonton Alberta bubble.

Remember that if the Rangers, a club that operates in a very traditional market, had beaten Tampa Bay, it would be Avalanche who would seem like a poor child since the prices at the MSG would have been very high.

Lot of

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“It will be one to watch tonight.

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