they fold the phone 400,000 times live on YouTube


A YouTuber decided to find out if Samsung’s foldable smartphone endurance promises were justified and took the liberty of streaming his experience live on YouTube for all to see. And the fact is that the result is quite surprising.

The live torture test reserved for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 (2)
The live “torture test” reserved for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 // Source: Mrkeybrd on YouTube

If you were wondering what kind of torture a hinged smartphone can endure, the following is for you. Samsung claims that its foldable smartphones can be opened and closed about 200,000 times without the smartphone suffering severe damage. Which at the rate of 100 deployments a day gives about 5 and a half years of use. So a YouTuber decided to take them at their word and decided to test a Galaxy Z Flip 3 to death.

A Polish tech version of MrBeast

A Polish YouTuber named Mrkeybrd then had the pleasure of torturing the smartphone live on YouTube for almost a whole week. This torture test called “The Great Folding Test” started on Tuesday 7 June and lasted until Monday 13 June. This endurance test, which was the result of a collective effort of volunteers who took turns folding the smartphone at hourly intervals, was able to demonstrate the extreme (and perhaps even somewhat unexpected) endurance of the Samsung smartphone, although there may have been a few hiccups along the way as we shall see.

There wasn’t much action in this flow, just a table and counter that monitored the number of tricks each participant made. This type of testing is typically performed by machines used by manufacturers to measure the resistance of their products to certain types of wear. Here, real people have taken care of folding and unfolding the phone, which in itself brings it even closer to real-life conditions than if it had been folded with the precision of a machine, however adding further difficulties as you go along putting dust. inside the zipper for example.

But we could not help but feel at the sight of this stream a little sensation of slightly unhealthy pleasure at the idea that each fold could be the last. In any case, this is what must have enjoyed viewers of this stream which managed to attract nearly 1000 people at once to see a poor little Z Flip go through this accelerated aging.

What do we learn from this test?

This experiment ended with a total of 418,506 folds, which is equivalent to almost 11 and a half years of use at the rate of 100 openings per day. And what we can say is that this smartphone, although working at the end of the test, did not come out completely unscathed. In fact, we can see that around the 330,000th fold (which is still far beyond what Samsung promised) the resistance of the smartphone hinge seems to decrease to such an extent that it ends up opening by itself once closed and is no longer able to maintain its folded position. The unfolded format also suffers the blow as we notice quite easily at the end of this test that the smartphone no longer opens completely to 180 ° and that it remains to a certain extent “curved” while it should normally be able to open completely until it is flat.

However, what we can recognize is that, despite the hinge being rather battered, everything else continued to work perfectly (screen, sound, camera, etc.) even forcing the videographer to end up with drop tests that simulate accidental drops to see. if they could surpass the smartphone. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 should therefore hold out for a while, especially if you keep it away from micro-debris that could enter the hinge. According to this test, you shouldn’t worry too much about its longevity, unless of course you are one who easily separates from your old smartphone.

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