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WhatsApp is one of the applications that offers the most features for its users. It is full of options to send a text message, voice message, video, photo or make audio or voice calls. WhatsApp Messenger offers several ways that allow its users to have an interesting and intuitive experience on Mark Zuckerberg’s platform. The instant messaging application also ensures the security and confidentiality of the content you share with your contacts thanks to end-to-end encryption.

You can also set the application to protect your privacy and ensure the confidentiality of your content. Find out how with these tips.


The WhatsApp application – Source: spm

WhatsApp offers new options to ensure the security of the application and to ensure the confidentiality of the content you share with your contacts. When you create an account on WhatsApp Messenger, all your personal information such as your mobile number, profile photo or status are accessible to all users of the messaging application. To protect your privacy, all you need to do is make some changes to your settings.

– Disable the visibility of your personal information on the WhatsApp application

By changing the privacy settings of the WhatsApp application, you can exclude people who are not on your contact list and protect your privacy. By default, on WhatsApp Messenger, your account is visible to everyone. All users of the application can know if you are online, see your profile picture or your status among others. To remedy this, the social network offers several features to change these parameters and limit access to your information.

– Disable the “Seen at” option on WhatsApp

Seen at

The “Seen at” on WhatsApp – Source: spm

When you are not connected to the WhatsApp application and your contacts open one of your chats, they will be able to see the time of your last access to the social network. Everyone can see the last time you visited on WhatsApp. If you want this information to be private, you can change this privacy setting. To do this, go to the WhatsApp settings and go to “Account”. Then, tap “Privacy”. Then choose the “Seen at” tab to choose who can see this information. The application will offer you several options: “Everyone”, “My contacts”, “None”. Select “Person” if you want this data to remain secret.

– Hide your profile picture on WhatsApp

You can also change the privacy settings to hide your profile picture on the WhatsApp app. This is because anyone can see your profile picture if you haven’t made any changes to this option. As before, go to the privacy settings of your WhatsApp account. On the “Profile Photos” tab, select the option you prefer to exclude people who shouldn’t see your profile photo.

– Hide your news on WhatsApp

Your WhatsApp news refers to the message that appears under your name in the contact lists of other users. You have several options: “available, busy, in a meeting, emergency calls only …” You can also customize it and add the message you want to share to your contacts. To define who can see your “News” on WhatsApp, also go to the privacy settings as before and choose the “News” tab then “Everyone, My contacts, Nobody”.

– Set who can see your status on WhatsApp

Statuses on WhatsApp Messenger are used to share text, videos, photos or even reactions which will last 24 hours before being deleted. These statuses can only be seen by your WhatsApp contacts. If you want to change this setting and make your statuses visible only to a certain list of contacts, follow these steps. Go to the privacy settings of the app and go to the “Status” tab. You will have the possibility to choose between “My contacts”, “My contacts except”, “Share only with”. This allows you to limit the visibility of your statuses on WhatsApp Messenger based on your choices.

You can enable other privacy settings in the WhatsApp app to protect your data and personal information. To do this, go to your account settings.

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