The top of the best cooperative games on Nintendo Switch


Cooperative games are abounding right now and most of them are available on the Nintendo Switch. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best co-op games for you.

cooperative games encourage participation and support. They encourage group members to get to know each other better while having fun. This is what some of the games currently available on the Nintendo Switch offer. Whether you’re looking for speed or creativity, you’ll find everything you need on Switch.

Super Mash Bros Ultimate, one of the best cooperative Switch games

This competitive game does not push players to compete. On the contrary, she asks him to do itjoin forces to face NPC opponents. The gameplay remains exciting. Especially since the ability to work as a team adds a fun twist to the action.

Mario + Kingdom of the Rabbids

Of course, the best way to enjoy this game is to play it alone. However, it is also possible to savor the pleasures of a cooperative and strategic gameplay using a new series of missions.

After mastering the single player game, you can dive into the world of Mario and Rabbids with a friend. Go on a unique two-part mission where the coordination It will be there the key to your victory. The challenges are really tough, but activating friendly fire makes it essential to have a teammate.

Missile League

In this game it will be you and your team behind the wheel of super powerful cars. You have to hit a giant ball until it hits the opposing team’s goal. Seemingly easy, this game requires skill and expertise. An experienced player can indeed fly up and kick a ball before it even hits the ground.

For added fun, a local multiplayer mode can also support up to eight players. You can also switch to online play mode on more competitiveness.

Minecraft, one of the most popular co-op games on the Switch

This adventure game it evolves from year to year. The Switch version allows you and three friends to play together on one system. By logging in online, you can also join up to seven other adventurers.

You may lose some of the support offered on PC when you go online. However, the ability to bring your world to Switch is a very exciting option.

Rayman Legends, one of the most played co-op games on Switch

Well designed, this game is displayed captivating graphics and high-level gameplay. You can really play it in a four-player team.


Cuphead is certainly one of the hardest on this list of accessible co-op games on Switch. You have to face a new boss at each level. To win, you need to have quick reflexes and excellent memory skills. With its cartoonish graphics and solid mechanics, this game is sure to amuse any player.

Mario Strikers: Battle League

It is indisputably the weirdest version of soccer on Switch. You will enter the field alongside the usual cast of Mario characters. Each character has its own peculiarities.

Action is fast or even chaotic. You also have the chance to earn double the points by scoring a goal. The ability to play with up to eight players in cooperative and competitive action, however, makes it a great multiplayer choice for sports fans.

Diablo III: Eternal Collection

The Diablo series has always known how to amaze players. This has been verified again with Diablo III. It is proposed numerous expansions and exclusive contents. This popular ARPG also requires up to four local players on a single console.

Streets of anger 4

This game offers the same fast-paced game which made it so popular in the 90s. This time around it got even better by sporting a new art style and other improvements. The story is even more intriguing with plenty of comic-inspired footage accompanying it. You will need all the help available to overcome this. That’s okay, because Streets of Rage is one of the best co-op games on the Switch. You will be able to play it in a team of four local players.

super mario odyssey

It is one of the most popular co-op games on the Switch. He offers the usual charm of Mario on a fluid 3D platform. This game also regularly introduces new mechanics. This means that there is always something interesting to experience in this game and you will also be involved in a multitude of boss fights, one stronger than the other. Cooperative mode allows one player to control Mario while another takes control of Cappy.

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