The RTX 3070 sinks so low that you will need a shovel to dig it


Good plan news The RTX 3070 sinks so low that you will need a shovel to dig it

Rue du Commerce currently has a great offer: the RTX 3070 with a discount of 80 €! If you are looking to equip yourself with one of the latest graphics cards of the moment, now is the time!

The RTX 3070, one of the best graphics cards of the moment, is currently offered with a discount of 80 €! Going from 699 € to 619 €, it shows such a low price that it is recommended to buy a shovel to find it.

When we know that previously prices have literally skyrocketed due to a shortage of electronics, we can tell ourselves that we need to take advantage of this pause before another event comes to upset this period.

Buy the RTX 3070 for € 619 on Rue du Commerce

The RTX 3070: one of the best graphics cards of the moment!

COVID-19, due to the subsequent confinements it caused, caused production stoppages in electronic component factories. And among the latter we can include in particular the semiconductor factories, elements necessary for the construction of graphics cards (GPUs).

Due to these events, the price of graphics cards has been seen to rise to levels never seen before. The shortage alternated with rising prices. And the NFT and cryptocurrency craze has only accelerated the process.

But a clearing in this very dark picture seems to continue now. Prices have fallen to more acceptable levels. What currently makes it very important to start investing in a graphics card.

The RTX 3070, in addition to showing a nice discount, is a relevant choice for a configuration that combines performance and affordability.

8GB of video memory in GDDR6 format, equipped with double ventilation, this RTX 3070 allows you to run games in 1440p (QHD), and even be able to go up to 4K resolution on certain titles.

In addition to that, you can count on the presence of DLSS to smooth the images of your games. Of course, since this is an RTX graphics card, you can benefit from Ray Tracing!

In particular, this technology makes it possible to make the plays of shadows and lights, reflections and everything related directly or indirectly to textures much more realistic.

In short, the RTX 3070 is a mid-range graphics card that will allow you to enjoy all your games without breaking the bank.

Buy the RTX 3070 for € 619 on Rue du Commerce

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Provided you get your hands on it, the GeForce RTX 3070 is therefore a great deal: for less than 510 euros you will benefit from a very powerful graphics card, able to guarantee games at well over 60 FPS in 1440p and that often comes close in. Ultra HD, all with controlled consumption. The “Founder” version also benefits from a successful design and full connectivity. Less “hair-raising”, technically speaking, than the RTX 3080, but probably more balanced.

To learn more about the RTX 3070, you can read the full test about it.

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