The reasons for Alexander Romanov’s departure remain mysterious


Several fans were surprised to hear Kent Hughes mention Juraj Slafkovsky as his first choice altogether organization. It must be said that for years Shane Wright should have been selected first in 2022 …

But the Canadian’s biggest surprise yesterday came minutes later, when Gary Bettman announced that the Canadian had finally traded Alexander Romanov and two picks (round three and four) in exchange for Kirby Dach. It was to be expected to see CH sacrifice choices in the repechage. He had too many.

Yes, Kent Hughes stole the show last night on the Bell Center stage.

Firstwe were all shocked to learn that Romanov was no longer a Hab. Second, we all started google it’s at to research to find as many things as possible about Kirby Dach.

It didn’t take long to realize that yes, the Canadian was in a new era with Hughes, Gorton, St-Louis, Lecavalier, Bobrov and company. Draw a 6’4 fast forward with your first pick … swap a popular 6’1 regular young defender to get a 6’4 fast and enigmatic young center …

Yes, the Canadian wants to be bigger And Faster. It is so obvious.

Who is Kirby Dach?

Dach is a 21 year old center of Alberta. He is said to be fast and extremely talented – he has great hands – but had a tough 2021-22 season in Chicago. The third overall pick got off to a good start in 2019-20 (23 points in 64 games), but an injury – and then surgery – on his wrist seems to have slowed his development. Fortunately, he is said to have fully recovered from this unfortunate injury sustained during the World Juniores 2021.

Dach was never a great point maker. Even in the junior (Saskatoon / WHL), has never scored more than 25 goals in a single season.

But if he reaches his maximum potential – it must be remembered that he is only 21 -, the Canadian will have achieved a real home run. Otherwise, the specter of having given up a young Russian defender in exchange for a promising striker enlisted in the third bracket altogether will come once again to haunt the Canadian. #Drouin #Sergachev

Finally, wasn’t it Wright or Slafkovsky? Was it Wright (and Romanov) or Dach (and Slafkovsky)?

Kent Hughes found him in Chicago, his midfielder (he was looking for this summer).

Will Dach be the third center of the team behind Suzuki and Dvorak? Will he overtake Dvorak? Will Dvorak be traded? We will see.

Note that Dach is expected to wear number 77 in Montreal, a number he wore in Chicago and Saskatoon.

As for the Blackhawks, we can see that Kyle Davidson, the team’s new GM, isn’t afraid to push the limits of a rebuild. Swapping DeBrincat (24) and Dach (21) is rebuilding to the extreme, let’s say …

Poor Luke Richardson …

Rush to see if Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews ask to leave Illinois in the coming weeks …

Why Alexander Romanov?

Why was Romanov the sacrificial lamb? It is quite simple. Kent Hughes wanted to improve his center line and to do so he needed a choice top 15.

The best way to choose top 15 what he found was to send Romanov to the islanders. To get something of quality, you have to give something of quality, you know.

And with Kaiden Guhle, Jordan Harris, Justin Barron, Mattias Norlinder and even Logan Mailloux behind, we felt we could afford to let Romanov go. Especially since Arber Xhekaj is probably a version (improved or not?) Of Romanov!

This is the official version.

But we can also think that there is an unofficial version. At least, that part of the transaction can be explained by another factor: Romanov’s Russian nationality.

Although the Canadian’s GM indicated late yesterday that Romanov’s passport has nothing to do with the operation, there is reason to think that the Canadian could worried / disappointed on the short-term future of Romy.

Romanov, who was not supposed to visit Russia this summer, finally decided to go there at the end of June. He was supposed to leave to go back to North America yesterday … but the last time I heard he wouldn’t. He would still be in Russia. Were we upset that he hadn’t followed up on his statement about his plans for the summer? Were we afraid of him not returning?

Lou Lamoriello, who already has some Russian players in Semyon Varlamov and Ilya Sorokin, couldn’t say more last night. He hadn’t spoken to Romanov yet.

What? Did the Islanders GM dared to compromise for a Russian player currently in Russia without making sure he agreed to return to North America?

Yesterday, in the corridors of the Bell Center, several people (with an NHL card around their neck) spread the word: there is the possibility that Romanov will not be able to return to America, that he is at the center of 1,001 entries like Kirill Kaprizov … or worse, sent to a military base in the Arctic like Ivan Fedotov.

Sure, these were just rumors, fears or speculations, but the Canadian could have said to himself: with Dach, I KNOW that I will have a big top 9 center. With Romanov, I don’t know much currently?

It could be…

There is also the monetary factor to consider. Romanov will be eligible for limited free will next week and his agent would have no talks with the Canadiens. Kent Hughes is strict under the salary cap and the idea of ​​having to give Romanov $ 4 or $ 5 million a season probably didn’t like it. Dach will cost a lot of money.

Why didn’t you trade Gallagher, Hoffman, Drouin, Armia or even Byron, you tell me? Because they have no value. At least, no positive values ​​…

I like (once again) the risk our new CEO just took. If the Dach experiment is conclusive, we will laugh in few years. But if it’s a flop, on the other hand …

Were we a little afraid of what Romanov would be like without Richardson at the Canadiens?

It will be the new management voyage as much about him as about Marc Bergevin and his own band? A change of identity is taking shape in Montreal and Romanov obviously wasn’t essential.

Back to Dash …

I hope the eSt-Louis effect works on that. The Canadiens have not been lucky with the third overall pick in recent years (Galchenyuk, Drouin and Kotkaniemi).

Note that Dach (32%) was the worst central player on the entire Bettman circuit in the round of salaries in 2021-22. He also produced very little despite being paired with Patrick Kane and Alex DeBrincat for several minutes.

Kent Hughes will now seek a veteran defender (paid inexpensive) to make up for the loss of Romanov.

The Canadian, who has been at the center of a rumor that he has no plans to recruit Russian players this year, has only one Russian on his roster: newcomer Evgenii Dadonov. And two aspirants: Danill Sobolev and Alexander Gordin.


Artturi Lehkonen Kirby Dach would have been able to do almost anything on ice … but he would have had a hard time to insert it.

– Many believe the Blackhawks, including their many coaches recently, have failed to develop Kirby Dach well. Let’s hope he will do better than the one in Montreal.

– Kirby Dach is a much more complete player than Josh Anderson, according to Mitch Giguère (who has seen him play many times).

– Almost as good as the surprised lady in Jesperi Kotkaniemi’s selection of a few years ago …

– Filip Mesar could move to Ktichener next season.


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