The Quarry: Between horror and cinema, how much is the new game from Supermassive Games worth?


TaraCroft, our passionate streamer from Twitch Madmoizelle troupe, tested The Quarry live. But what to remember about this first test?

Released a few days ago, The Quarry did not take long to find a place in our Steam libraries. Specialist in horror and fear, Supermassive Games returns with its new little gem, a proud spiritual successor to Until Dawnreleased in 2015. Played from a third person perspective, the game is described as a interactive horror and survival drama “. A brief summary of this infernal treasure …

Crastest of The Quarry video game

When the sun sets on last day summer camp Hackett’s Quarry, the anims organize a party to celebrate. No children. No adults. Without rules. Of course, things go wrong fast (we weren’t expecting that). Hunted by blood-soaked locals (yes, why not) and a far more sinister mystery, the teen party plans turn into a night of unpredictable horror. The friendly banter, the fun and the flirts give way to life or death decisionsas relationships are established or terminated under the pressure from choice unimaginable.

It’s all great, but the Cava, what does it consist of? Being too afraid to write you this game review (and yes, I couldn’t get past the intro, I’m very serious), it is with delight that TaraCroft, our streamer engaged and bloodthirsty gamer, discovered the game with you live last week. He tells us today the first sensation of him.

The Quarry - Official Launch Trailer

The Quarry video game has a breathtaking cinematic side

As the storyline begins to settle, you will need to make decisions that will have a definitive influence on the sequel, deciding who will stay alive until the end. The game brilliantly alternates between cutscenes and gameplay.

The game graphics are noteworthy ! The details, the textures, it looks like a animated films from the biggest studios. To the point where you don’t even notice the transitions between gameplay and cutscenes – the game is beautiful every moment.

However, we are sorry optimization of the game: if you don’t have a good car, the movies may have a small bug (we also recommend that you put theOption 30 FPS max).


1 game, 186 possible final scenarios and a multiplayer mode

In terms of history, I let you discover on your side, but this time the forest seems to be hiding several mysteries… Suffice it to say that it may not be there not just a person who wants your skin Owl right?

An important note: from 8 July next, a free update will share this adventure with up to 7 online players who will watch your game and vote on the decisions to make. Something to lighten a burden! It is also possible to play it in collaboration, with one player per character. A bit like when we do the joystick was passing between us at the time.

New with The Quarry: the game offers it to you a cinema mode, if you want to watch adventure like a popcorn movie and have a drink in your hand. This mode allows you to follow the story without playing: you do not interfere in its progress.

Why watch a game you tell me, right? Well, when we find that the game has no less than 186 different possible endings, we think that discovering the story from a different angle without having to replay the game is quite positive. You will therefore need to think carefully about your choices when playing The Quarry …

For the farm of us, the game is already available everywhere: Playstation, Xbox, PC, for console € 69.99 and PC € 59.99.

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