The price of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is likely to break a new record


Apple reportedly plans to raise the price of the iPhone 14 Pro in the face of rising manufacturing costs. The price of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the most premium edition, would reach new heights.

Apple is expected to revise the price of some iPhones 14 upwards. According to information obtained from respected industry whistleblower The Galox, the price of the iPhone 14 Pro is expected to increase go up by 100 dollars in the American market. However, the price of the standard version would remain unchanged. Here is the tariff revealed by the informant on Twitter:

  • iPhone 14: Starting price of $ 799, like iPhone 13
  • iPhone 14 Max: Starting price of $ 899
  • iPhone 14 Pro: Starting price of $ 1099, compared to $ 999 for the 13 Pro
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: Starting price of $ 1199, compared to $ 1099 for the 13 Pro Max

This price increase is very likely to be reflected as well outside the United States, also in France. On the French market, the iPhone 13 Pro is currently sold at a starting price of 1159 euros. For its part, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is offered starting at 1259 euros.

If the information from The Galox is confirmed, the starting price of the iPhone 14 Pro Max in France could exceed 1300 euros. The price of the higher editions, with 256, 512 or 1 TB of memory, could also go up. For the record, the 13 Pro Max with 1 TB of storage already costs 1839 euros. Will the iPhone 14 Pro Max with 1 TB get close to 2000 euros?

Note that the informant simply corroborate many rumors appeared on the web in recent months. A plethora of leaks ensures that Apple will raise the price of the Pro models.

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Why should Apple raise the prices of the iPhone 14 Pro?

This umpteenth price increase would be linked to new features integrated into smartphones. On the iPhone 14 Pro, in fact, Apple would inaugurate a new design with a hole screen. The brand would skip the notch and bet on a double hole to house the front sensors, including Face ID facial recognition technology. This new design has inevitably helped to increase production costs.

On the technical side, the Cupertino group would also have planned several expensive upgrades. We are talking in particular of a new front sensor for selfies with autofocus system. To improve the selfies of its smartphones, Apple would have been forced to turn to more expensive components. According to information relayed by ETNews, the autofocus module is three times more expensive than the iPhone’s previous front-facing photo sensors. On the rear camera side, the iPhone 14 Pro would benefit from a 48-megapixel main lens, which likely inflates production costs as well.

To lower the price of the pill, Apple intends to offer its smartphones through a monthly subscription. In the United States, the offer will allow for a new iPhone for between $ 35 and $ 50 a month, reveals Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg reporter. Ultimately, the subscription will be more expensive than buying the smartphone directly. Initially, the subscription would be reserved for the American market.

Mass production will begin shortly

According to information from the South Morning China Post, the mass production of the iPhone 14 is about to begin. In anticipation of production, subcontractor Foxconn would also organize a major recruiting campaign to strengthen the workforce of its factory in Zhengzhou. It is in this factory that 80% of iPhones are made.

The company would have revised upwards the amount of the bonus granted to each new worker. Everything suggests that Apple has managed to make up for the delay accumulated during the latest containment measures.

Barring surprise, Apple should therefore unveil the iPhone 14 in September 2022. During its annual keynote, the American giant would also announce the Apple Watch Series 8 and the new AirPods Pro.




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