The MacBook notch could very well be used for something finally


An inspired Australian developer recently designed an app that takes the notch in new MacBooks and gives them a very cool new use.

Apple MacBook Pro 14 M1 Pro Battery Notch Test (1)
Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

If there is really a differentiating and recognizable design element that is increasingly installed in Apple products, it is this famous notch. Some largely embrace it while others hate it virulently. But while most have already overlooked this design element introduced by Apple in 2017 with the iPhone X, it continues to spark some debate as to its real usefulness.

Especially after the announcement of the new MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inch and that of the new MacBook Air M2 that they incorporate it into their design simply to place a simple webcam there. And it is precisely this problem that the Australian developer Ian Keen has tried to solve with a new addition of the production of him.

A faster AirDrop file hub

It was through his Twitter account that this developer shared his new creation under development. This is an application that allows you to transform the MacBook notch into a real file sharing window. For this, he has developed a light warning system that flashes the notch when the user moves files that can be shared via AirDrop.

I was inspired to create a small support app for airdrop tonight.

—Ian Keen (@IanKay) June 16, 2022

Once selected, files can then be dragged into the notch and dropped to automatically display an AirDrop window with the files ready for sending. An orange light is activated when files are selected and turns green when the documents have reached the notch.

An application that offers significant time savings and “visual utility” at the level

This application is not yet available for MacBooks at the moment, but its inventor hopes to soon be able to offer a limited-access version via the TestFlight development tool in the coming days. First of all, he would like to make sure he can run his application on other machines, but also on Mac models that don’t have the notch.

What do you think of this variant “without notch”?

—Ian Keen (@IanKay) June 17, 2022

This shortcut seems very effective and should save you time compared to what Apple offers to access this feature. Currently, transferring a file via AirDrop requires an additional step which requires the user to first click on the “Share” option before being able to access the sharing window.

So this shortcut seems like a good way to improve the sharing experience on Mac. It might even be nicer if it only activates when the user has placed files near the notch to avoid unnecessary activations. In any case, this will at least have the merit of giving this good old man another use notch.

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