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After a slow start at CAN, which led to two consecutive draws, the women’s team of Cameroon surpassed themselves this Saturday by beating that of Tunisia (2-0) on the last day in group B. The Leonesse qualify for the quarter-finals .

The survival instinct. This innate and powerful tendency that produces an impulsive and often instantaneous reaction in the human being in the face of danger, need, fear … This is what seems to have guided the players of the Cameroon women’s national football team tonight at the stadium Mohammed V of Casablanca.

After two disappointing draws, the Indomitable Leonesses knew they were in danger against a Tunisian team almost qualified for the quarter-finals, at the start of this match which counts for the third day in Group B. So, Gabrielle Aboudi Onguéné’s arm simply has released its claws. There are still things to be said about their game, of course, but the hoped-for result has been achieved. Gabriel Zabo’s daughters won 2-0 and validated their ticket for the second round of the competition.

The goal was clear as we approached this third match of the group: to win. Because we had to qualify directly for the ¼ finals. But also and above all to (re) build self-confidence before the next stage. The Cameroonian players have understood the stakes well. And they start strong on the lawn. Pushed by an overheated audience, the Lionesses are decisive on the first game action. Thrown deep by Nchout Ajara, Michaela Abam, positioned on the edge of the offside, blows up the opponent’s lock with a curled left-footed shot. Let’s play 3And minute, and Cameroon already lead 1-0.

Nchout Ajara finally awarded

Fans of the lionesses could therefore expect the goals to be followed in the Tunisian field. Niet! Nothing will happen. Even if they maintain possession by increasing attacks in Soulayma Jebrani’s rectangle, the Lionesses will not succeed. Upon returning from the locker rooms, the Tunisians returned with other intentions. But on the contrary, the Cameroonians run on diesel. Marie Awona, Falonne Meffometou and Estelle Johnson installed a wall in front of Ange Bawou’s cage. Tunisian balloons leave when they arrive.

However, Cameroon strikers struggle to correct their opponents’ mistakes. Like this caviar by Nchout Ajara for Aboudi Onguéné hitting the goalkeeper (79And). The Inter player will give everything in this match anyway. Fortunately, his efforts are rewarded in the 1990sAnd minute, when Rose Bella, who had just entered the game, drops a perfect ball with a header (2-0, 90And). Leonesse (5 points) win and finish in second placeAnd place in their group, behind Zambia (7 points), winner of Togo (4-1).

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