The Indexnow protocol is supported by Yoast SEO


Indexnow, the protocol created by BIng and Yandex, which notifies search engines when content is added, changed or deleted, is supported by the Yoast SEO Premium plugin.

Indexing is essential for positioning your web pages in search results. Without indexing, a website cannot be visible in search results.

To know the pages of a site, search engine robots perform an exploration of the site and then navigate from one page to another using internal links. Without internal links, robots could not discover all the pages on a site.

Another method is to submit an XML sitemap to make it easier for robots to find new URLs.

Last year it was the turn of a new fast indexing protocol: Indexnow. An evolution in the world of web referencing that will probably be talked about in the years to come.

What is Indexnow?

Indexnow is an indexing protocol developed by Bing and Yandex. It is used to instantly notify search engines when content is published, edited or deleted.

Meets a need for indexing speed and can be useful in the following cases:

  • your URLs were not all found by crawlers
  • crawlers don’t crawl your site quickly and consistently (this often affects small or new sites that don’t post regularly)

This system works with a push system where the site sends URL updates to search engines in the form of a ping.

It works differently than an XML sitemap, because Indexnow sends more details to the engines as a page change.

How does Indexnow work?

Indexnow is only supported by Bing and Yandex. However, this situation is about to change. A Google spokesperson announced that the company was interested in the topic and that tests would be carried out.

To start using this system, you need to generate an API key available to webmasters at This key must appear in the root of your website for it to be taken into account.

Then, with each publication, a ping will be sent to the search engines. This ping works by sending the following http request:

https: /// indexnow? url = url-changed & key = your-key

This ping is also compatible with a larger file in case you want to send multiple URLs at the same time.

If the request was submitted successfully, the search engine will respond with a response code of 200. If not and an error is displayed, check that all your information is correct to resubmit your page.

You can find more information on this here:

Indexnow on Yoast SEO Premium

Several plugins including RankMath and All In One offer protocol integration automatically. This is an advantage for non-webmasters who may feel lost while installing the API key.

On June 3, Yoast founder Joost de Valk announced that he would integrate this system into the premium version of the application. Configuration is simple: enter the API key in the space provided and that’s it.


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