The European Plan for Recovery and Resilience supports 7 web video game projects


Of the 28 projects presented under the European Plan for Recovery and Resilience, 7 projects highlighting the range of artistic and creative possibilities offered by the videogame medium in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation receive aid ranging from 60,000 to 75,000 euros, for a total amount of 477,125 euros.

The recovery plan and R.
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This aid will finance video game projects in their initial prototyping phase. This phase is crucial because it allows to test the feasibility of the video game and to establish the artistic and technical bases on which the projects will develop.

The projects, analyzed by a jury composed of videogame specialists, were examined in their technical and narrative aspects, as well as on the measures taken by each study to limit the ecological and environmental impact, and on the attention paid to dimensions linked to equality and parity.

Among the 7 supported projects, there is a playful game on otherness and inclusion (“Blah”), an adventure with characters from the Ardennes folklore (“Les Chronicles d’Alia”), an enchanting quest (“Faeria Legends “), a multiplayer game between wizards (” Dragluttony arena “), a surprising game in which the ferocious beast is … a mother (” Domata “), a universe of alchemist apprentices on mental arithmetic (” Elixir “) and a fixed point of view on the prison world written and designed by an author (“4 m”).

Composition of the jury

  • Gilles Banneux, president – specialist journalist and professor at the Beaux-Arts de Lige
  • Chlo Boels, founder of Stream-Her, an inclusive platform
  • Charlotte Lucas, video game animator at Quai 10 in Charleroi
  • Hyppolite Leibovici, screenwriter, director and video game developer
  • Pierre-Yves Houlmont, researcher at Lige Game Lab

“Although the video game sector is already supported economically, in particular by the Regions, and should soon be able to benefit from the tax shield upon passing a” cultural test “, it is the first time that” cultural “for the sector has been established in the Walloon Federation- Brussels.

The video game sector is booming in Wallonia and Brussels, thanks to the creativity of our local studios but also to the recognized excellence of our schools. These creations therefore seem to me capable of finding their place in our media and cultural policies in a broad sense ”- Bndicte Linard | Minister of Media and Culture

Supported projects


  • Development company: Sonicville-360
  • Help: 67,000 euros
  • 4 m is the space provided for each prisoner in a cell. This means that an 8m cell is designed to house two inmates. “4m” is a narrative game in which the player embodies Nelson, a young prisoner. It is also a video game that describes the universe of a current prison in Belgium.


  • Company responsible for development
  • Help: 65,000 euros
  • Single-player adventure game in which you play a strange, friendly-looking character, eager to help the villagers he meets, but unable to express himself except by making incomprehensible sounds for his interlocutors.

“Tarragon Arena”

  • Development company: Reality Blind
  • Help: 75,000 euros
  • “Dragluttony” is a local multiplayer game for 14 people, where you play as a wizard riding his adorable draglutton (a plump dragon who is always hungry). You have to feed him the food that appears in the arena to make him bigger, allowing him to eat your opponents when he is at his maximum size! The last flying wizard wins the game.


  • Development company: Soloth games
  • Aid: EUR 62,525
  • “Lixirs” is an educational game of mental arithmetic. In this cooperative game, players embody alchemists who want to make their business prosper.

“Legends of Faeria”

  • Development company: Abrakam Entertainment
  • Help: € 72,600
  • Faeria is a coherent and rich universe. The player will embody one of the 5 main heroes of Faeria. He will meet the peoples of the world of Faeria, enemies or friends.

“The Chronicles of Alia”

  • Development company: N-Zone
  • Help: 60,000 euros
  • “Les Chroniques d’Alia” is a search for the discovery of one’s own identity and inclusion. The Frisian characters come from folklore and the bestiary of the Ardennes commonly called the Little People.


  • Development company: Exiin
  • Help: 75,000 euros
  • Frightened and confused, a child tries to escape from a Beast’s lair, but there is no way out. The situation is tense, but the child’s light tone plays down the situation and, slowly but surely, the Beast and the child will tame each other. Behind the fierce appearance and deep voice of the Beast, there is a mother. And for a mother, a child remains a child.


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