The Ducks were surprised to be able to enlist Luneau


As was the case in 2017, the Anaheim Ducks drew twice rather than once from the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League pool of prospects in the second round, selecting Noah Warren (42nd) and Tristan Luneau (53rd), teammates with Gatineau Olympiques. .

When the author of these lines asked the recruiter Stéphane Pilotte if he was surprised to be able to put the grapple on the second, in the 53rd place of the auction, it seemed that he was rubbing his hands.

Watch her interview in the video above.

“I would say yes, compared to where we had it on our list, he said on the edge of the floor. That’s for sure, but things like that happen. “

According to Pilotte, if the trend observed at the beginning of the day had not reversed, he could not have had either of the two perspectives of the QMJHL.

“When we got back to the start of the second round, the opposite was happening. The guys we had on our list have all progressed to the next grade. At some point he was available. If it’s gone, it didn’t work anymore, so we were happy to see it was still there.

“I expected him to go a bit faster and I think he did too.”

In Luneau, the Ducks believe they have fished out a shining diamond. They believe his work ethic will give him every opportunity to be successful.

“We know he is a young man who will have to work on certain things. He has the will to do it, because he has a great attitude ”.

Luneau happy to join the Ducks –

According to Pilotte, new general manager Pat Verbeek wants to add backrests with “very good dimensions, but also with a work ethic that will allow us to progress”.

Warren, a 6’5 “tall skater, met those criteria.

“Noah, what he’s going to bring is really his athletic side. There are those who are strong like him, who, at times, do not transpose it well. In his case, he is a natural athlete.

“He could have done any sport and he would have been very skilled.”

Three Quebecs in two days

Did the fact that the two young people know each other facilitate their selection? Recall that in 2017 Maxime Comtois was named 50th and Antoine Morand 10 lines later.

“Zero! Honestly, it’s just an adon. There’s no factor in the equation.”

It was therefore a question of availability, he assures. The Ducks also got bigger in the first round, the day before, by recruiting Nathan Gaucher, the 6-foot 3-inch center player of the Quebec Remparts.

“It’s rare in Quebec that we have so many big shots early in the draft. Sometimes we try to outrun a “little” guy of 5ft 10 or a 6ft guard. There, it was fine. All the guys responded to our order which we got from Pat.

“It’s a perfect match, but for Pat, whether his name is Joe Smith or Tristan Luneau, it’s perfect for him.”


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