“The deepest image of the Universe ever taken”, the release date of Dune 2 postponed, the deepfakes used to deceive recruiters, this is the recap of the week


NASA is about to share a unique image taken by the James Webb telescope, it will take a little longer than expected to discover Dune 2, scammers are using deepfake technology to scam companies, this is the summary ‘of the week.

While The Boys season 4 will be out sooner than expected, Dune 2 instead sees its launch postponed by a few weeks. As NASA announces it is about to share new images captured by James Webb, scammers are using deepfake to trick remote recruiters and Tesla is forced to cancel deliveries of Tesla Model Ys with broken engines.

Season 4 of The Boys available sooner than expected

If you’re a fan of The Boys, this news should cheer you up: Karl Urban took advantage of an exchange with Collider to announce that filming for season 4 would begin in late August. This revelation from Bill Butcher’s performer means that the fourth season of the Prime Video series could therefore be released sooner than expected.

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The boys
The boys © Prime Video

The deepest image of the universe »Soon shared

Thomas Zurbuchen took advantage of a press conference to discuss the incredible images captured by the James Webb Space Telescope. The scientist, head of NASA’s science programs, revealed that some of these photos will be shared on July 12 from 4:30 pm and are breathtaking. Among the photos, we can discover in particular “ the deepest image of the Universe ever taken “.

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Picture 1:
Illustration of the James Webb telescope in space – Credit: NASA

Recruiters at war against deepfakes

As telework continues to become more democratic, the same goes for job interviews, which take place more and more at a distance. This new recruiting process allows many scammers to take advantage of deepfake technology to try and trick recruiters. The FBI then warns companies so that employers are able to spot deepfakes.

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Image 2:
Deepfakes are on the rise – Credit: Meta

The release of Dune 2 has been postponed for a few weeks

While Dune 2 was originally slated for release on October 20, 2023, Legendary and Warner Bros. is expected to finally hit theaters on November 17, 2023. If the reasons for this delay have not been officially revealed, it could be that this delay is related to a delay in shooting. Denis Villeneuve had recently mentioned the second part, declaring ” the film will be more difficult, but we know where we are going

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Picture 3:
Dune – Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Faulty engines in some Tesla Model Ys

Faced with problems with broken engines, many Model Ys produced in Berlin at the new Gigafactory could not be delivered. In fact, several buyers have seen delivery of their Model Y postponed due to a major problem with the electric SUV’s “drive unit”. Tesla has yet to officially address this new failure problem.

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Picture 4:
Tesla Model Y – Credit: Craventure Media / Unsplash

Our files and tests of the week

Which connected watch is best for your needs?

Do you want to buy a new smartwatch but don’t know which model to choose? Then this guide is for you! The editorial team has selected the best connected watches of 2022 for you. Consult our dedicated tab to be sure you choose the model that best suits your needs and budget.

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Watch Series 7 – Apple Credits

Don’t miss the best science fiction and fantasy series

Streaming platforms have no shortage of fantasy, their catalogs are packed with SF and Fantasy series, and there’s something for everyone! House of the Dragon, Severance, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Halo, The Orbital Children, Willowgo to our dedicated file to discover the best series currently airing on Netflix, Disney + or even Prime Video.

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Picture 6:
The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power – Credit: Amazon Prime Video

Poco F4: a low-budget smartphone that should appeal to gamers

With its excellent value for money, its beautiful 120 Hz Amoled screen and the power of its platform, the Poco F4 should appeal to consumers, especially gamers who could buy a powerful smartphone for a low price here. The Poco F4 sadly does without a Micro SD port and IP 68 certification, but we love the slim case design and protective shell on offer. As for photos, the Poco F4 takes beautiful wide-angle images by day but doesn’t stand out at night.

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