The crazy story of this iPhone dropped into water 10 months ago …


When he lost his iPhone in a river in England last summer, this man thought he was lost forever. Ten months later, an individual discovered it at the bottom of the water and tried to make it work …

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To make a material – such as the body of a smartphone – super hydrophobic, or perfectly waterproof, it is necessary to resort to sometimes complex strategies. For their part, Australian researchers seem to have developed an inexpensive nanostructured coating that would have quite revolutionary non-wetting properties!

It is not uncommon to drop the phone in water. In a swimming pool, in a puddle, or more stupidly in a glass or toilet. This is why many models are waterproof. In the case of thei phonedepending on the model, it can be IP67 or IP68 certified and can withstand submersion for 30 minutes at a depth of up to six meters for the latest ones.

However, a story that arrived in England this month shows that they can sometimes survive much longer. Miguel Pacheco was canoeing on the River Wye, which runs along the border with Wales. During a break he saw something in the water. He managed to retrieve it and found that he was an iPhone covered with mud. Thinking it was finished, he still used a compressor.air to try to dry it, then leave it warm overnight.

The iPhone had been lying at the bottom of the river since August

To his surprise, the next morning he was able to charge it and then turn it on. The screensaver showed a photo of the couple and the date of Friday, August 13, 2021, when the smartphone was lost. He shared the photo on Facebook to try to find the owner, and it was the couple’s friends who recognized him.

The Iphone in question belongs to Owain Davies, who lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. He had gone to the town of Cinderford last summer for a bachelor party. He was in a two-person canoe, with his iPhone in his back pocket, when his teammate tried to get up, overturning the canoe and knocking them both into the water. He noticed it immediately the iPhone he had fallen and I thought he was lost forever. He admitted that he was very surprised that someone found it, and even more so that it was still functional. Now he’s waiting for the postman to bring him the package, hoping he doesn’t get lost on the way …

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