The Court complains about Serena’s disrespect


Margaret Court wants to remind the world that she and not Serena Williams holds the record for the most Grand Slam titles, with 24, one more than the newly retired.

In an interview with Daily telegraph Mondaythe Australian complained that she did not have enough credit for her achievements between 1960 and 1973. She criticizes both Williams and the media, who still call Serena ‘the best player of all time’.

“I admire Serena, but I don’t think she does,” Court said. Many media outlets don’t even mention my name. I have not received any honor for everything I have accomplished. I have already been awarded in my country, but the media still prefer not to talk about me.

She says it is because of her religious beliefs that led her to oppose same-sex marriage in 2012. The court is currently a minister in a Christian Pentecostal Movement church in Perth.

In 2017, he did not help his cause by denouncing the approval of the Australian airline Qantas for its support for same-sex marriage.

He believes he is a victim of censorship simply because he uses his right to freedom of expression. A situation that saddens him a lot.

“I think in large part this is due to the fact that I have stood up for my beliefs. I have been the victim of a lot of harassment. But we should be able to say what we believe. I have nothing against anyone. I respect everyone, I serve everyone ”.

“It’s what I believe in and what the Bible says,” he added.

The American is often praised for returning to the top after giving birth to daughter Olympia in September 2017. But that doesn’t impress Court.

“Serena hasn’t won a Grand Slam title since she has a child. For my part, I returned to the game after having two children. After my first birth, I won three of the four Grand Slam titles, ”recalled the 80-year-old woman.

Serena’s last Grand Slam title was at the 2017 Australian Open … when she was eight weeks pregnant.

“Today is much easier”

Court also pointed out that he played for less time than Williams, which is a sign of his superiority, in her opinion.

“Serena played seven years more than me. I stopped my career at thirty (35). People forget that I took a two-year break. I first retired when I was 25. I got married, had a child and then had one of my best seasons, winning 24 out of 25 tournaments.

Court had another gossipy opinion that a tennis player’s life is “much easier” today than it was then.

“I would have liked to play in this era. I think it is much easier. I wish I could take my family and friends with me, but I couldn’t.

“Also, we didn’t have any sports psychologists or coaches with us. It was a completely different world. I am disappointed that today’s players do not honor those of the past.

Points to Billie Jean King

In addition to Serena, Court has shot arrows at another American tennis legend: Billie Jean King.

“I often hear Billie Jean say that the best players didn’t come to Australia in the early years of my career, but world number one Maria Bueno did, as did Christine Truman, Ann Haydon and Darlene Hard. There were also five Australian players in the top 10.

Williams lost Friday in the third round of the US Open. It was her last game of hers since she had previously indicated that she would retire at the end of this tournament.


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