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Which side?

Why do you sports specialists say that it takes a right-handed defender on the right and a left-handed defender on the left? If I remember correctly, Bobby Orr and Larry Robinson were left-handed playing on the right side.

Daniel Boucher (not the singer)

Answer from Nicholas Richard

The simplest reason for this detail has to do with the recovery of the disc at the edge of the boards. If a left-handed defender plays left, it is easier to retrieve the puck at the edge of the boards to catch a pass or intercept a throw-in. Reaction, relaunch and game analysis times are faster for a defender who plays on his “good” side. Conversely, if a right defender plays to the left and the puck comes towards him in the offensive zone, he must present the back of the paddle, lower his right shoulder, bring his back almost to the game, perform a half pivot and give a few pushes to get back in. action, which is much slower than if he were left handed. This practice is widespread. Some coaches, including Mike Babcock, are adamant about having a pair of ambidextrous defenders, but that’s not a requirement. It goes without saying that outstanding defenders like Bobby Orr, Larry Robinson or Nicklas Lidstrom can play on both sides thanks to their skill and speed of execution.

Golf honors

In golf, what is the advantage of having “honors”? It seems to me that it is more advantageous to hit after seeing what the opponents have done, you can be more careful, play “safe”, hit last like in baseball.

Jean Claude Picard

Answer from Nicholas Richard

Actually you are right, it is the player who plays last who has the advantage, in particular because he can rely on the stroke and the ball of the opponent or his partner, that is why the player who has obtained the best score in the beginning the previous hole, a question of giving a chance, in a certain way, to those in the queue to be able to return to the game by playing later. The phrase ‘to have honors’ comes simply from the fact that golf is a noble and traditional sport and that phrase has stayed alive over time for the player who has the honor of playing first and getting the best score.

Sweet, Kreider?

According to some, Chris Kreider has a reputation as a bastard gambler. A puzzle, it seems. But what do the statistics say?

Christiane Beausoleil


Chris Kreider

Answer by Guillaume Lefrancois

Perceptions get difficult at times and Kreider has certainly found a way to control his passions. After seasons of 72 and 88 minutes of penalties in his debut, he is spending far less time in jail and has only received 12 minor penalties in 81 games this season, and none for hindering the goalkeeper. Also note that Kreider has never been suspended in 10 seasons in the NHL. He has been fined a few times, but never since March 2019. In short, 23-year-old Chris Kreider, who too often turned into a bowling ball, seems to be a vestige of the past.

Zone problem

Very simple question this morning. In tennis there are three very different surfaces: clay, grass and concrete. There are obviously technical adjustments for each of them. But is there also a change of shoes to suit each one?

Jean de la Sablonniere


On each playing surface, its shoes

Answer from Nicholas Richard

In fact, there are different types of shoes depending on the surface. For amateurs there are very few differences in the sense that the sneaker will not affect their performance. Except that for ATP and WTA players every detail counts and changing shoes according to the surface is very important. The Asics company has also well explained the main features of each of the shoes on their website. On grass, the grip of the sole is more pronounced, as grass can sometimes be wet. The sole is also flatter so as not to damage the lawn. The upper is more flexible, because there is more movement on the grass, so it hurts less for the feet. On clay there is also a lot of resistance under the shoes and the hips are stiffer, to improve lateral movements and to better support the foot when players slide. Sometimes even a rod can be inserted into the shoe. For the hard concrete surface, the hull of the shoe is stiffer because the surface is more damaging and wears out more easily and there may also be small pads to help cushion jumps and steps.


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