the Cavalry is slowly making a comeback


Until July 18th Overwatch 2 revive hostilities with a second phase of the PvP beta on PC and a first on Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

The opportunity for fans who need to reconnect with this revisited formula of Blizzard’s hit multiplayer FPS, released in 2016 and brain dead since the 2019 announcement of its controversial sequel. Something to help us wait before the early access and free-to-play release on October 4th.

Restart the machine with a new engine

Partly take the pill out of having earmarked most of your resources Overwatch 2 and after leaving the original game, Blizzard has relied on the card of a new engine more likely to stay true to its ambitions for its new franchise since Starcraft 2.

This new engine should shine fully with PvE mode – unfortunately only scheduled for 2023 – but we are already seeing the benefits on the PvP component. In addition to shinier lighting effects, the game generally gains finesse and shows us its upbeat cyberpunk universe more colorful and vibrant than ever. For a more telling demonstration, Blizzard made us revisit some of the original maps ofWatch over under a different light, and took the opportunity to redesign the structure in order to comply with the new orientation of his suite.

Without revolutionizing anything, the new engine ofOverwatch 2 brings more subtlety to the futuristic and colorful universe imagined by Blizzard.© Robin Lamorlette

Despite its new engine, Overwatch 2 it remains as its predecessor perfectly playable on modest machines. With our very solid test setup, we were able to enjoy it at 1440p at a consistent 144 fps in High without any problems. This second phase of the beta was also very stable, with few bugs and flawless latency.

The last point on which Blizzard artists have taken joy to heart: sound design. Most of the sounds in the game, from weapons to steps to skills, have undergone a major overhaul. The fights thus become even more incisive and dynamic than ever, in particular thanks to a finer spatialization of the sound.

More of a great PvP update than a proper sequel

Speaking of dynamism, Overwatch 2 certainly not lacking with his new orientation in five against five and only one Tank instead of six against six. The play space becomes much more breathable and we can finally say goodbye to the terribly boring period of Barrierwatch.

The now one and only Tank must therefore be both tough to hold its place in the front, but also pretty terrifying in terms of damage. Blizzard has therefore made a major overhaul of each hero in this category to better suit this new format. In the operation, this role clearly gains in appeal over the six-to-six orientation, but also inevitably in responsibility as the sole commander on board.

Damage heroes are experiencing a real breath of fresh air, with greater freedom of movement and more opportunities to accomplish their main mission (as opposed to shooting shields): take down enemy heroes.

With this new five-on-five orientation, the parties ofOverwatch 2 clearly gain dynamism and visibility.© Robin Lamorlette

The Supports remain which, apart from a passive introduced in the first beta that allowed them to heal themselves after a period of time without taking damage, seem to be the biggest losers at the moment on Overwatch 2. With one less tank to protect them, defending against sticky opponents is more difficult than ever. We hope Blizzard will be able to offer a solution to change the best players among us.

In short, in addition to removing one player per team and swapping the much-hated 2CP mode (no one will miss it) for a much more interesting Push mode, you could also remove the helicopter from the room – qualify this PvP redesign (as impactful and enjoyable). be it) away is a misnomer from Blizzard. Those changes could actually have been made to the original game, instead of leaving it in a vegetative state for nearly three years.

New arrivals in dribs and drabs

If you were expecting this second beta phase to be inundated with new heroes, modes, new cards, features, or rebalancing across all floors, you might be slightly disappointed. The first phase of the beta was indeed more generous on this point, with a new hero, four new maps and features that we would have liked to see arrive sooner: a full scoreboard and a ping system.

In this second version there are only two noteworthy new features: the Queen of the Junkers, a new Tank hero and a new Hybrid card, Paraiso, stronghold of the charismatic and talented Lucio, based in Brazil. Note, however, that the scoreboard introduced during the first beta gains visibility and key information to help us see things more clearly in order to blame teammates if the game got off to a bad start.

The Queen of the Junkers, the new charismatic heroine of this beta, is as devilishly fun to play as she is formidable to face.© Robin Lamorlette

However, the arrival of a new hero Watch over is what makes this game so special. Each time, Blizzard manages to pleasantly surprise us. The Queen of Junkers is no exception, with very melee-oriented gameplay, where each melee attack causes its opponent to bleed and heal. This new heroine is so devilishly fun to play and terrific for her opponents. A tub with sauce Overwatch 2 very well put together, in short.

The Paraiso card is perfectly in line with the franchise’s atypical art direction, blending our contemporary world with a vibrant and colorful cyberpunk future. The only drawback: the fact that it is part of the Hybrid mode, instead of integrating the currently poor card list in the new Push mode.

An optimistic future?

Beta obliges, this new playable version of PvP’sOverwatch 2 it has been amputated of many elements that we will not find until 4 October. We can mention in particular the competitive mode, the intriguing PvE mode and, of course, the economic model of a game that will go free-to-play. While we already know that the game will have a Seasonal Battle Pass system that will need to be completed in a month and a half and will cost 1,000 in-game credits, it remains to be seen at what real-money price it will be offered, and how much you’ll have to sand PvP mode for. see the end.

However, Blizzard appears to be more ambitious than ever for its FPS, adding tons of cosmetic elements and novelties like customizable weapon accessories or mythic skins. Especially tempting is the prospect of welcoming a new hero to choose from every month and a half, a new map and a new game mode.

This second beta phase was an opportunity to discover the new original skins of the heroes ofWatch over first of the name, very successful overall.© Robin Lamorlette

But what intrigues us most as die-hard fans of this fascinating universe is the PvE mode, which will greatly develop the tradition ofWatch over, having fun with his friends with some RPG mechanics to make his favorite heroes super powerful. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until 2023 to find out what took so much time and resources at Blizzard.

Whatever, Overwatch 2 A franchise is shaping up to be making a comeback that, when released in 2016, caused a real tsunami in competitive FPS, and in the world of pop culture in general. And we can only rejoice, because the world could really use more heroes.


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