The Canadian announces new colors via his Twitter account


It is quite rare to see Canadians wearing colors other than blue, white and red. This is the case today, however, when the team appears to be announcing new colors.

An article from the Balle Courbe website on the subject popped into my mind earlier while doing some research and decided to search myself later to try and gather some additional information .. but to no avail.

Here’s what these colors look like, as you can see on the official Montreal Canadiens account:

(Credit: Twitter)

I don’t know if you remember, but last February an image emerged on the potential new jersey of the “reverse retro” edition of the Canadiens, with the colors of the Expo. He had gone around the web and the reactions to the image in question had been many, many.

Could this be it?

Note that some internet users have also delved into the fact that these colors may be found on the team’s (new) third jersey. For the moment, no details have been released regarding this novelty brand nameand arouses the curiosity of many supporters.

Would you like to see the Canadian wear a sweater in the colors that show up so high?

Personally, I think the idea is good. I certainly didn’t see the end result, but I don’t see why this result wouldn’t look good with neon blue and pink.

I also like the identity of the players chosen to represent these new colors. Suzuki, Anderson and Caufield are the faces of the current roster and Joel Edmundson, a veteran much appreciated by all, completes the quartet.

Did we want to put Suzuki directly in front to show that he is the leader of this team? And maybe the next captain? He could be.

For those wondering, I don’t think these are the new jerseys for the famous “Hockey Fight Cancer” themed night held annually throughout the league.

It is beautiful and it makes a change. Can’t wait to see what it’s all about now.

Lot of

– It was time!

– Rangers haven’t finished shopping.

– It’s up to him to take the opportunity.

– A new era.

– It would be a move intelligent.


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