The Callisto Protocol promises to be much more bloody than Dead Space


From his announcement, The Callisto protocol has caught the attention of many players still looking for a worthy successor dead space. At the origin of the two licenses, Glen Schofield confided in an interview with Eurogamer and in which he returns to the origins of his subsequent creation.

Well managed development

If you are not a beginner in the field, it is worth remembering that, despite everything, The Callisto protocol will be the first game from the new studio, Striking Distance. And this is far from a coincidence when you read the roadmap reported by Schofield. In fact, while working on Sledgehammer, the latter was taking a well-deserved rest after the success of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. It was then that he began to scribble the outlines of what was still called Meteor down … Simultaneously with the contours of a new studio!

I knew I wanted to come back to do those things. I just collected everything I had created, made a presentation, written more, and filled in some gaps. When a new studio came to mind, at the same time I proposed the idea, I had a business plan but also a creative project and the two things went hand in hand. One couldn’t do without the other – either take my idea or we say goodbye.

Despite this constraint in finding funding, things weren’t necessarily more complicated than for validation dead space. At the time, it was the fault of a fear of novelty that could be defined institutionalized in Electronic Arts but also of the prioritization of other titles such as Mirror edge. Trial, despite the pandemic and the need to work remotely, it is a true miracle that the game can be released in time. When it comes to evoking the parentage with the psychological predecessor of this new work, the creator doesn’t hesitate to provide some tantalizing details.

The-protocol-callisto-screenshot-sacrificeA little blood? Did you say blood?

Although Glen Schofield admits he started on the same basis as dead space to produce The Callisto protocol an oppressive and frightening game, he points out the teams went much further in horror. And it will go through what’s called the Gore Engine, a process that allows for more detailed rendering of dismemberments and other joys.

There are some terrifying passages, actually. We have the Gore Engine: we have created a specific technique for blood. That’s a lot of math, and you destroy the characters in mid-jump, tear them apart with bones that come off and fly everywhere. Then there are the rendering methods that play their part and make everything look wet. So every character has to be created this way – and no matter how you do it, the pieces come off, or parts of the face, parts of the head. It is so evolved compared to Dead Space.

This promises some pretty psychologically tough times and you will definitely need to have a strong stomach. What is certain is that the developers are quite proud of what they are doing. The trust is also there because Schofield concludes by explaining ithe would The Callisto protocol become a real franchise and that he has, for the moment, only ideas relating to his universe.


We will have to wait December 2, 2022 to see this explosion of fresh meat with our own eyes which will take place on Xbox One, Series X | S but also PC.


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