The Blue Jackets would really like to sign a long term contract with Patrik Laine


As everyone knows, the next few weeks will be very interesting for the Montreal Canadiens.

However, it’s not just CH that risks beer production this summer.

In fact, many other teams still have big problems to solve or will simply try to improve seriously.

The Los Angeles Kings are one of those teams that have already begun to improve concretely by acquiring Kevin Fiala.

However, if there is one team that is not talked about much that still has serious problems to fix, it is the Columbus Blue Jackets.

In fact, as reported by the reporter from AtleticoAaron Portzline, Blue Jackets CEO Jarmo Kekalainen will have his job discontinued this summer and in the coming seasons as well.

Blue Jackets currently engaged in a mock reconstruction will have to come to an agreement with Patrik Laine, whether it be a contract or a transaction.

Last summer, when Laine was looking for a new contract, the Finnish sniper decided to sign his qualification offer and thus play a season with the Blue Jackets.

Several rumors at the time suggested that Laine didn’t really want to play in Columbus, and therefore wanted to be traded.

Here we are a little less than a year later, and the blue jackets are more or less in the same situation.

Laine is out of contract, but remains a limited free agent for the last time.

If Laine does not have a contract at the end of next season, he will become a free agent WITHOUT restrictions, and could therefore sign with the team of his choice.

However, what’s different this year and good for the Blue Jackets is that Laine really seems to have found her feet this season.

Despite an injury that caused him to miss several games, Laine managed to finish the season with 56 points (26 goals and 30 assists) in 56 games.

So technically he had the best season of his career in terms of points per game.

We therefore understand why Kekalainen would like so much to secure a long-term agreement with Laine. However, will Laine be ready to sign long-term with a team in a mock rebuild? This is what we will see.

Here are Kekalainen’s comments on the Laine case.

“There is still a long time to go to the start of the season. If for some reason we can’t find a deal for more than a season, well, we’ll have to make another big decision. – Jarmo Kekalainen

“We have our own vision of what’s right (talking about Laine’s next contract). They (Laine’s agents) have their opinion too. Once we find common ground, we’ll have a contract. However, we must understand that we do not immediately agree on what is right. – Jarmo Kekalainen

In short, Patrik Laine’s case will clearly be one to look at very closely.

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– A very good contract for both Lightning and Paul.

– New this season for the Elks.

– Actually.

– This is definitely not the Wimbledon we are used to.

– She’s fine.


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