The blue hedgehog is full of nostalgia in “Sonic Origins”


Looking forward to learning more sonic frontiersthe hero SEGA remembers the fond memories of fans with an XXL compilation.

More than 30 years after his first appearance, Sonic is undoubtedly one of the most famous characters in the history of video games. The SEGA mascot has been more discreet in recent years, the fault of moderately followed episodes. But the blue hedgehog should soon be back sonic frontiers, the first title in the series set in an open world. Meanwhile, this good old hedgehog remembers his best hours with Originsa compilation that includes Sonic the hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, sonic cd And Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles. Is this leap in time accessible on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC a success?

Nostalgia when you care

What is certain is that the charm operates from the first musical notes. A few changes have been made from the basic OST, but you just have to close your eyes to return to childhood when you first walked the trails of the Hill Zone. Pixel obviously plays an important role in this time travel, but it’s never aggressive. The sequences of colors on the screen and the excess information (rooms, enemies, obstacles) are in no way a test for our eyes.

Sonic is a nimble, fast and hopping hero and some levels reflect his abilities perfectly.© SEGA

You should know that it is possible to play some episodes in Classic mode or in Anniversary mode. Namely, you can travel back in time by opting for a 4/3 pixelated version or modernize everything with fluid graphics and a 16/9 format. This second option allows you to better appreciate the adventure in Sonic’s land and to remember how the universe of the blue hedgehog (which will soon be the protagonist of a Netflix series) is rich and colorful. If this choice is unfortunately not available for all the titles in the compilation, other options fortunately fill the void.

Sonic originsthe perfect combination for nostalgics and challengers

Content-wise, this compilation is rich. In addition to Classic and Anniversary modes, a Story mode offers you to link all the episodes to complete the adventure in one go. Additionally, there is a Boss Rush mode, which allows you to take on Sonic’s biggest enemies in a row. Finally, we also point out the presence of the Missions or Coins mode, the latter that allows you to collect virtual currency to unlock additional in-game content.

Between the levels in the middle of nature and the more “industrial” levels, it is a true parade of colors.© SEGA

This comprehensive offering goes beyond just filling out. It will delight the nostalgic and the curious, those who were not born or too young when these games were released. Especially after a game sound is aimed at competitors who want to collect more coins or collect all items and bonuses hidden in the levels. The desire to make and remake a world therefore comes by itself, the pleasure and the challenge take precedence over the retro graphics of the compilation.

Do not run into the wolf’s mouth, a golden rule

Performed on the Nintendo Switch (a console that has recently celebrated its fifth anniversary), this test has allowed us to realize how they were the first games sound they weren’t just for fun. With the intoxication, you can quickly get carried away by the speed and thus run the risk of falling or landing on the pikes. unlike games Mario (with whom he shares the poster during the Olympic Games), the blue hedgehog is more difficult to control and pressing too hard on the joystick can make the hero run.

This good old Dr. Robtonik is obviously featured in this XXL compilation.© SEGA

This observation also applies to Knuckles and Tails, the other two playable characters in this compilation. Whatever, Sonic origins It fulfills its mission brilliantly: to amuse SEGA fans and remember that the fastest hedgehog of all time can produce very beautiful games. It now remains to be seen if the hero has a true future on the next-gen or if he is doomed to shine thanks to his old-time glory.


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