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SALES. While the first drop of the 2022 summer sales should appear shortly, the promotions are still numerous. Discover our live broadcast dedicated to the best offers on iPhones, 4K TVs, laptops or even home appliances.

The best products for sale

The essential

The 2022 summer sales continue with new offers from many participants. Among the best promotions of this Monday 27 June we find Aliexpress with a fire price on the latest Poco M4 Pro 5G! The phone has a big discount thanks to the sales and the promotional code SDSFR26! Its price now drops to around 137 euros!

The 2022 summer sales have only surpassed the first week of promotions. The first discounts should arrive this week, with new offers from specialized brands, or new discounts on products already on sale.

Please note that the prices displayed may change rapidly due to new products and available stock during the 2022 summer sale period.

Sales are generally characterized by strong promotions. But some brands are not limited to simple price cuts and also provide coupon codes. The latter thus make it possible to benefit from even more attractive reductions on products already affected by sales.

Rakuten continues to offer promo codes during sales! Get 30 euros discount on all fan and air conditioner departments with codes COLD30 / HOT30.


18:58 – An Asus Vivobook PC for 200 euros less with the 2022 sales

Rueducommerce summer sales 2022 are not ending! The site offers several laptops for sale including the Asus Vivobook with a 15-inch screen at 599 euros. A good price since it has a discount of 200 euros on its starting price.

6:25 pm – Bose headphones at 100 euros less with the 2022 summer sales

Bose headphones are ideal for fully enjoying your music wherever you are! Darty is offering this cool helmet on promotion for the 2022 summer sales. Now you can get your hands on this product for just € 129.99 instead of its introductory price of € 229.99!

17:59 – The sales break the price of this electric scooter

Usually available around 450 euros, the Xiaomi 3 FR MI Electric Scooter electric scooter is currently on promotion for sales from Boulanger. Find this lovely reference for only 399 euros (and 379 euros if you order in-store) during the summer sales!

17:41 – A Huawei laptop at a great price for the summer sales

CDiscount continues to participate in the 2022 sales with great offers! The brand offers a Huawei Matebook laptop at the attractive price of 499 euros! This device has nice components that make it a great computer for work or study!

17:13 – 300 euros savings on this Dyson robot vacuum cleaner!

We rarely see such price drops, even during sales! The Dyson 360 Heurist robot vacuum cleaner is currently available for just 399 euros instead of its base price of 699 euros! Here’s how to clean your home efficiently and effortlessly, without sacrificing your budget.

16:52 – -20% on an external hard drive package for the 2022 summer sales

Fnac offers many very interesting packs for the 2022 summer sales. In particular, there is a pack with a 2 TB external hard drive, a 16 GB USB key and a cover to store everything! A nice compilation now available for 79.99 euros.

16:21 – 20% refund on a Samsung QLED TV

The Samsung QLED TV “The Sheriff” is currently affected by the 2022 summer sales. Although it does not have an immediate discount, the Boulanger site and Samsung offer a 20% money-back offer! You will benefit from this sublime 4K TV for only 420 euros!

15:58 – The Redmi Note 10 and a connected bracelet in the box for the summer sales

Fnac also offers attractive promotional packages for the 2022 summer sales. The brand has a package that includes the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 phone with a Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5 connected bracelet! Enough to take full advantage of your new phone and get notifications on your wrist. This package is currently on promotion for € 219 as part of the summer sales.

15:43 – An electric air conditioner on sale for sales

Get ready for summer and the heat wave with the 2022 sales! CDiscount currently offers a canonical price on the mobile electric air conditioner of the TECTRO brand. This fully programmable and remote control device is currently available at the attractive price of 113.99 euros!

15:21 – The Apple AirTag on sale for Amazon sales

Amazon has a good price on an Apple AirTag! This little tracker for your everyday items is currently on sale for 28 euros! A small discount for sure, but it’s so rare to see Apple products on sale that it should be emphasized!

14:52 – A touch tablet with docking station at a very low price

Sales are in full swing at Darty! The brand in particular offers a package that includes a Lenovo M10 touch tablet with docking station and protective cover for only 199.99 euros! A canonical price available for summer sales.

14:33 – 150 euros less on a Weber electric barbecue during the sales

Boulanger offers you a nice offer for the summer sales. Get ready to cook tasty meals with a Weber brand electric barbecue, for sale for 150 euros less than its usual price! Now offered at € 279 for sale, this barbecue can be used easily, as it only requires a plug to put into operation.

14:12 – Sales are half price on this corner desk

Amazon continues to offer great promotions during these 2022 summer sales. The e-commerce giant offers a corner desk in natural oak for only € 60.15! A nice price that represents more than half of the initial price of this product!

13:54 – A Rowenta bagless vacuum cleaner for less than 100 euros for the 2022 summer sales

Boulanger is also participating in the 2022 summer sales. Find Rowenta’s bagless vacuum cleaner RO2957EA on sale! This product, usually available on the site for 159.99 euros, is currently offered for only 99.99 euros!

13:29 – A Xiaomi electric scooter for 150 euros less!

Fnac offers you an exclusive offer for the 2022 summer sales. The Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro2 electric scooter with padlock and additional tire is currently on promotion at the attractive price of 499.99 euros instead of its base price of 549.99 euros!


The date of the 2022 summer sales is set to start Wednesday 22 June. The various offers proposed will thus be distributed over four weeks with various discounts proposed by the brands participating in the event.

These dates cover most of the country’s departments, but not all! Indeed, it is customary for overseas departments, as well as Moselle, to have staggered dates for sales periods. Find all dates a little further down in this article.

The 2022 summer sales will end on Tuesday 19th July. The event will therefore take place over a total of four weeks, in order to allow consumers to take full advantage of the promotions available. However, these dates may vary by some departments, so please feel free to roll this article out a bit more to make sure you are concerned about the given dates.

Sales will also be affected by various declines. These are at the merchants’ discretion but are generally offered weekly. The second week of selling usually represents the second downside and so on. These periods are ideal for finding both new and existing, but strengthened price drops.

Sales cut dates are highly sought after. These periods generally correspond to the best offers. Participants in the event do not fail to propose new offers, or to strengthen existing ones with the 2nd and 3rd discount. These usually take place during the second and third sales weeks.

If the brands participating in the summer sales respect this tradition, the 2nd sales discount will begin on 29 June. The 3rd decline will fall around 6 July. However, these decisions remain to be defined under the terms of each brand participating in the 2022 Summer Sales.


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