The best educational video games for kids available on the web, on consoles or on mobile


According to the definition available on the Office québécois de langue française website, educational video games are “video games used as a learning tool, the purpose of which is to educate, transmit knowledge and skills through play”.

There is now a large choice of educational games. However, it is sometimes difficult to find educational games that meet the needs of children. gives you an overview of the best educational video games adapted to the age of your child!

Educational video games for children

Your child can learn to familiarize themselves with a screen from an early age. However, it is recommended not to exceed 20 minutes per day. It is very important to continue to offer children aged three to six manual activities to promote their cognitive development, but it is necessary to gradually introduce digital games to help them learn while having fun and change school activities!

Lulu the mole: introduction to the notions seen in kindergarten

With hundreds of free online resources, Lulu the Mole’s website is filled with free educational tips for kids, teens, preteens, and parents. It also has a separate section for children aged 2-4 to help them learn math, colors or sounds. Some games also help children develop their spatial skills by having them play with three-dimensional objects or by giving them colored sheets to print.

The +: a very rich selection that offers many different virtual games such as simulation games, construction games, traditional games or games on the human body.

The – : the sometimes irregular graphics of this educational video game and the sometimes unclear rules.

Busy Shapes 2: to understand logic and forms

Currently available on the App Store for € 2.99 / $ 3.49, Busyshapes 2 is an app inspired by the Montessori learning method. Help children learn shapes and colors by allowing them to practice their logical and deductive reasoning skills. Each level is a game where you have to move objects, follow a path, avoid obstacles or solve puzzles. Ideal as a complement to your child’s educational toys! If you are using Android, you can download an older version of the app from the Google Play Store while waiting for a new version.

The +: the fun mechanisms that derive from reputable educational methods are very effective.

The – : the short life span. Children who are highly engaged and gifted are likely to complete the game quickly and get bored later on.

Word hunter: to learn vocabulary and spelling

word hunter is available on PlayStation 4. Aimed at children of all ages, it follows the adventures of Amy, an aviator who travels the world. This video game helps your child learn to read or expand their vocabulary. It offers 15 mini-games to choose from for two players. You can switch languages ​​at any time during the game to brush up on your English or Spanish! The video game is available for € 19.99 / $ 26.99 on PlayStation Store and comes with a free app on the App Store and Google Play Store.

The +: we like the multilingual version of the video game which allows children to familiarize themselves with foreign languages ​​such as English or Spanish.

The – : you cannot play alone Your child will therefore necessarily have a playmate!

Educational video games for adults and preteens

From the age of 7, your child is no longer a baby and uses tablets or consoles like adults. Time to start encouraging digital learning and making learning motivating! Here are three examples of educational video games to help your child grow while they play.

Math and Sorcery: mental arithmetic in a fantasy world

Inspired by role-playing games popular with middle and high school students, Math & Sorcery plays with math. Your child must perform operations and solve math problems to defeat monsters and progress in the game.This is not only an educational application and a free video game, available on the App Store and Google Play Store, but also a fun app! Your children learn and progress without realizing it!

The +: the mental arithmetic exercises are very well integrated into the video game and the difficulty increases naturally.

The – : who says free video games, says advertisements and they are very (too) numerous.

Kairos Games: An educational video game that mixes classic video games and life routines for children with attention span or autism spectrum disorders

Kairos is truly one of our favorite apps. It is unique in that it is designed and aimed at a specific audience: children with attention deficit disorder (such as hyperactivity) or who are on the autism spectrum.

Behind a rather simple story, which portrays monsters from space that have invaded the Earth and return to the past to change the course of history, hides an application that highlights the learning routines to be completed to unlock additional levels.

Parents, educators or the teacher can organize activities for the children, such as having lunch, putting away the bag or brushing their teeth. The idea is to help them develop good habits and routines that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Each successful activity allows the child to access a new level of play that presents itself as a platform game in a historical context. These paintings take place at different points in history as a whole and in different historical periods, all of which are very important. The child is represented by an avatar who must collect gold coins and other artifacts scattered around the level. Ideal for strengthening his general knowledge.

Then, the pure and hard steps of the platform, whose difficulty gradually increases, allow the child to adopt a problem solving approach and to experiment in a Zen environment: no time counter, no monsters that can be stressful. The integration of video games into the child’s routine can therefore help him cope with failure more calmly.

The only playful technology solution approved in clinical trials that reduces parental stress

Kairos is a technology that was the subject of a clinical study conducted with 216 families over eight weeks, which simplifies daily life and reduces irritants related to the daily routine.

Additionally, this app was designed from the ground up by a single mother whose child was diagnosed with ADHD. It is therefore above all for him that this mother has created this video game as well as this routine system that many other parents have adopted and of which they just sing the praises.

Hence, the Kairos website is full of resources for you and your child. You will find everything you need in one place.

Finally, the application is available for free on the two main mobile platforms, the App Store for iPhone and the Google Play Store for smartphones with the Android operating system.

The +: A unique approach that allows not only to channel the child with a disorder but also to increase his general knowledge, to follow routines to be able to play without disturbing his school activities.

The – : the subscription price is quite high.

Seasons: Morphosis, to understand ecosystems and evolution

Seasons: Morphosis, a free quiz app for tablets, PCs and mobiles, is now available. This educational video game teaches children about the evolution of our planet and the fragile balance of its ecosystems. It also helps them understand the impact of humans on their environment. The game is accompanied by educational cards that help keep the concepts learned.

The +: we like the poetic universe of questions of general knowledge and the sheets that are very complete.

The – : The quiz mechanics quickly prove repetitive.

Nintendo Labo: for concentration and coordination

If you have a Nintendo Switch, you can give kids the ability to create with Nintendo Labo. These cardboard kits are building blocks designed to create new accessories. They include a fishing rod, car steering wheels or miniature pianos. There are many customizable options. This is great for promoting creativity, patience, and attention to detail. Your child can play with his Nintendo Switch while he is on the ground in real life.

The +: the materials are of good quality and we pay homage to the originality of the accessories to be built.

The – : the prices are quite high for the cardboard kits.


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