“The best captain of my life” – Vasilevskiy


TAMPA | Nikita Kucherov, an assist on the winning goal, and Andrei Vasilevskiy shared a podium during the second wave of players in a press room at the Amalie Arena.

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Kucherov had a hood on his head and could not wait for this media exercise to end to return to see his teammates. Vasilevskiy had a bigger smile, but there really weren’t any more words coming out of his mouth.

The Lightning goalkeeper, on the other hand, offered the compliment of the evening to Steven Stamkos, protagonist of this sixth game with a brace in the 2-1 against Rangers.

“He’s the best captain I’ve ever had,” said Vasilevkiy. He is amazing. “

“We believe in ourselves,” added Stamkos. To win, you have to trust all of your teammates. It is not fair to score goals. You have to defend your territory well, you have to block shots, you have to sacrifice yourself and you cannot complain about your role. “

“It’s not about an individual, number 91 continued. I would be happy even if I haven’t scored in this match since we won it. Each of us has their own responsibilities, we know their roles in this dressing room. “

An image of a franchise

Stamkos spoke like a good captain. He placed the logo in front of the shirt well before the name on the back. But it is in the image of the man and the player.

“Stamkos went from scoring 60 goals to an incredible point guard,” said Jon Cooper. He has a lot of pressure on his shoulders. He must score, lead and be the image of this franchise. You want to see the light shine on him. He scored the first goal, he responded 20 seconds after their goal. I am happy for stuttering. He will push the braces back. But I’m happy for him and the legacy he will leave as captain of this team. “

On the top

Stamkos returned the favor to Vasilevskiy in the compliment category.

“Vasi is the best in the world,” he said. He is magical in great moments. As an athlete, you dream of it. You want to be at your peak in big games. In the last two games we had to score two goals to win. Vasi doesn’t say a word, but he still plays well. His stats also speak for themselves. “

Since the start of the playoffs, number 88 now has a record of twelve wins and five losses with a GAA of 2.27 and a save rate of .928.

Always very elegant in his remarks, Cooper also looked in the direction of the other goalkeeper in this series, Igor Shesterkin.

“Let’s face it. When you have a stellar guardian, you can hide the flaws. I can raise my hand with Vasilevskiy. He does it for us. It was the first time I had seen Igor long enough. He’s calm, he reminds me of our boy. Rangers great confidence. He stays young, but he can make a difference. Rangers have a good core. They have the right recipe. And one of the best coaches in the NHL in Gerard (Gallant). “


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