Even though the LEGO franchise started its video game career with more than flawed games, the arrival of Traveller’s Tales into the equation has changed a lot. Starting with Star Wars, the formula has been used many times across different licenses. But to find the best, what’s better than a top?

Image credit: Traveler’s Tales

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LEGO size

Emerged from the frenzy around the Skylanders principle, LEGO Dimensions also works on this concept of mixing a video game whose content is enriched with physical toys. It works wonderfully, especially since the game is really dense and a lot of fun. The concern is that you have to constantly buy new sets. But that concern aside, it remains an excellent LEGO game.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Yes, it’s bound to have better in terms of LEGO Star Wars games, but The Force Awakens takes up what made the whole saga such a success. Thus, it is possible to discover levels that should take place between Return of the Jedi and Episode 6. So moments that don’t exist in the movies. Sounds a bit like fan service not even in disguise, but why deprive yourself of it?

Lego Jurassic World

How not to love a game that mixes the dinosaurs of Jurrasic Park and LEGO? And that also makes us relive the movies, with humor and action. As is often the case, the formula remains unchanged and this is a criticism that can be leveled against many Traveller’s Tales games. But it would be a shame to change our desire to play with it. It is not true ?

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

The legendary Jack Sparrow franchise was also entitled to its LEGO game and so much to say it’s a success. We retrace the first four films with great pleasure, rediscovering key scenes from the adventures of the famous pirate. The humor is still as attractive as ever and fits perfectly into the licensing universe. We almost wanted a sequel. Arh.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes

The game isn’t perfect, but while the first was more than linear, this second iteration plunges us into a completely open world to go up and down. And in addition to changing the usual formula of LEGO games a bit, this time the protagonists are voiced by real actors. While games are usually more than smooth, in other words, this was a big change.

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Since the complete saga was released in 2007, there have been other LEGO games on the Star Wars franchise. But no one can match the humor and surprise of exploring the first two trilogies in a world of brick and plastic. What to rediscover the work of George Lucas, in the company of Han Solo and Princess Leia. Then, the other two robots make strange noises.

LEGO Harry Potter; Years 1-7

Technically these are originally two games released separately, but they have been combined into one beam on the new generations of consoles. Let’s take the usual formula, but this time with a system of magic and skills specific to each character. Something to relive the adventures of Harry Potter, whether you’re a licensed fan or not, is still a great find.

Lego Indiana Jones 2

Before falling into the Marvel craze, it was rare to see Traveller’s Tales develop a sequel to one of its games. This is the case, however, with LEGO Indiana Jones 2, but we still offer many new features over its predecessor. In particular, a wider exploration area that brings together the emblematic places of the four films. A true cooperative game full of secrets and whip.

LEGO City undercover

Usually, LEGO games use the foundations of an already established license, but in the case of City Undercover, it’s a pre-established theme that takes center stage. We could compare it to a GTA but for children. Conducting investigations in an open world city has never been this fun and if in addition we can rely on discouraging content, enough to tell you that we have one of the best LEGO games.

LEGO Marvel superheroes

Shooting freely in New York City has never been more fantastic than in Marvel Super Heroes. With its cast of over 150 characters, both as villains and heroes, there is an adventure filled with quests and missions awaiting you. What to really discover the Marvel universe, using the little bricks as an excuse.