That’s it, the metaverse is really coming to Meta Quest … parental controls too


Meta is rolling out the v41 update for its Meta Quest headsets and announces two important new features. Finally, you will no longer be alone in the Meta Horizon Home, the home hub of headphones. Furthermore, parental control is improving with new means of monitoring.

Source: Meta

After v39 which added multitasking mode and mountain scenery and after v40 which brought individual app unlocking and secure payments, Meta Quest v41 is coming. Meta announces the implementation of two functions, related to Meta Horizon Home and parental control.

You will no longer be alone in Meta Horizon Home

Recall that Horizon is the software that brings together all the virtual reality experiences of Meta Quest, being Horizon Home the center main, the first thing you see when you wear the virtual reality headset. Unfortunately we have always been alone in this place. This is now ancient history, Meta seeing Horizon Home as ” your gateway to the metaverse “. It will thus be possible to meet his friends directly in thecentercentral.

Meta Horizon Home for many // Source: Meta

Gradually, users will be able to invite friends to this environment, spend time together, create a play group, watch a movie via Oculus TV or even explore virtual places. For Meta, this is the first step towards its long-term vision that we have known since the Facebook group renamed itself as such.

Parental controls are getting stronger in Meta Quest

Meta completes its parental monitoring system with new features, knowing that Meta Quest devices “are intended for use by persons 13 years of age and older onlyOn the program, the ability to block specific applications (browsers, applications from the Meta Quest Store).

Parents will be able to control the applications installed by children // Source: Meta

To go further in blocking applications, some may not be installed by default, depending on the age of the children. For teenagers over the age of 13, they will have tosend a request to access the application, which triggers a notification to parentsThey can accept or decline this request, but also access the list of applications installed by their children.

parental-control-meta-quest notifications
An example of notification received from parents // Source: Meta

This is not the only notification parents can receive. Meta expects the latter to receivepurchase notificationsthat warn them when children are shopping. The parents “will be able to block Link and Air Link, which will prevent their children from accessing content from their PCs on their Quest headsets“Finally, they will be able to see the list of children’s friends, but also see the time spent on the helmet via the Oculus mobile app. Meta announces plans for other parental supervision tools based on the feedback.

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