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Jonathan Drouin was proud. With reason. His golf tournament had just raised $ 1,163,626 for the Fondation du CHUM. It is therefore with a smile that the Canadian striker appeared at Mario Langlois’s microphone on Tuesday for a 20-minute interview.

Posted at 7:45 am yesterday

The facilitator of Sports fans asked him about his wrist surgery. On the identity of the future captain of the club. On Martin St-Louis, under whose orders Drouin only played two games, before getting injured.

“Do you feel it? [Martin] do you want to help you? Langlois asked.

“Yes. I’m not worried. I have rarely had a manager who can train individually like that. Every player is different. He sees you that way. I’m not like the guy next to me. We have different qualities. I think Martin is capable of doing so. see it with a good eye. ”

A fluid, fluid, fluid response. Like the ice of a lake in February.

The Dans Les Coulisses website has published an article about it. Once again, fluid, fluid, fluid content. The DLC passed it on to the 100,000 followers of his Facebook account. And then it got bumpy.

“Tayle. ”

“Let him close his big eye. ”

“Get rid of Drouin. ”

“To describe. ”

“I could hear it, raw ham.” ”

“It already starts to lich in August. ”

“Dewors the yellow. ”

“Drouin again. She lets him close it and focus on his mind. ”

I stop here. It gives a good idea of ​​the tone of the conversation, which spans hundreds of comments. For the uninitiated, I specify that Jonathan Drouin has not committed any misconduct. He doesn’t even kill baby seals. On the contrary. Instead, he just helped a Montreal hospital foundation raise over $ 1.1 million, and he’s trying to get back on the line after major surgery …

When in history did it become socially acceptable to publish such insults? Take a megaphone to shout “Decrisse”, “Crisse de Jamon” or “Dewors le jaune”? Explain a banner in a stadium, on which it says “Décâlisse Gilmore”?

New Canadiens defender Michael Matheson has already received death threats on social media following a body check against a Vancouver Canucks player. Maxime Comtois, of the Anaheim Ducks, received invitations to commit suicide on Instagram after missing a penalty shot at the World Junior Championship. Spanks.

These messages can have consequences. Canadian tennis player Rebecca Marino has been out of competition for nearly five years due to social media bullying. The QMJHL coaches confided to me that they had picked up players aged 16 or 17 with a spoon, due to comments posted on the web.

When did we get here? And how ?

I understand that a fan can hate a hockey player. He complains about his style of play, his lack of commitment. The individualism of him. Regretting his decision making. Sorry to see him repeatedly lose empty nets. No problem with that. Except that these criticisms must be formulated with respect and civility. Yes, it is possible and not very complicated.

But the fan, they don’t care about social conventions. From the reach of their words. the welfare of others. Is the insult the weapon of the weak? Not in their eyes. The more vulgar their message, the more satisfied they are. The more they use the word “crisse”, the brighter they feel. Even if I can’t write it without fail.

Am I playing their game by posting their words?

No. In the face of bullying, it is better to act than keep quiet.

I’ve been dealing with situations like this for about ten years. First as head of a newspaper, then as a columnist. From experience, when the barbarians of the net are exposed, their courage flies away. They enter defensive mode. Their great classic: using the mirror and blaming the media. In sport, it’s like accusing journalists of chasing Montreal stars.

Hmmm …

I read every day The print. The Montreal Newspaper. Atletico. Gazette. I listen to sports news from Cogeco, BPM Sports, TVA Sports, RDS and Radio-Canada. Yes, the coverage reporters are capable of criticizing the players. But no, they don’t attack them. They don’t slander them. They don’t humiliate them. You will never hear Renaud, Marc-André or Luc say “tayeule”, “débarrasse” or “dewors le jaune” to a player. No more than Richard, Guillaume and Simon-Olivier will be chasing a player who is injured, or who is returning from an operation, for example.

The problem is not the journalists.

Those are the thugs from the web.

And unfortunately, as long as Facebook and Twitter prefer to develop algorithms to send us toaster ads, rather than getting rid of the weeds growing in their backyards, we will be stuck with them.


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