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Wreckfest Drive Hard, Die Last is a motorized fighting video game. Developed by Bugbear Entertainment and published by THQ Nordic, this game was released on the Switch in June 2022. The test that will be presented was carried out in the Switch version. But it has already had several versions, such as on PC, Xbox or PlayStation.

Drive strong, die last

TRY - Feast of the shipwreckThese few words say it all, for those who do not speak English it means: “Drive brutally, die last”. It’s kind of like a Koh-Lanta in a more difficult version, it must be said. It is true that in this game you have to send heavy and drive but not smoothly, otherwise you get eaten by the other drivers.

During the races you have to finish first, everyone knows that, but you don’t just have to go fast, you also have to try to swallow your opponents, literally and figuratively.

This game also offers another kind of fun. In fact, it features demolition arenas, where you have to have fun getting into the other competitors. The higher the speed, the greater the chance of destroying other vehicles. Plus, it looks a bit like the fairground bumper cars.

Well, it is much more violent because the opponents are ejected quite violently from their “machines” and their “machines” can literally go up in smoke.

The various modes of Wreckfest, for even more fun

In the main menu we find the different game modes, exactly 4 game types and a content store that allows you to buy tools on the Nintendo eShop.

The 4 modes are: career, custom event, multiplayer, tournament.

  • Career mode: the most basic, the one we often test first. It has various levels, from the most “easy” to the most “difficult”. Of course, you have to improve your way of playing to increase the “talent”, the “skills” to go to the next level.
  • The custom test mode: here you can choose everything, the car, the circuit, the difficulty. After all it’s really a personalized event where you don’t worry, you can have fun without necessarily winning (the first time).
  • Multiplayer Mode: This mode is nice but lacks something to change the game. In fact, this mode only offers online multiplayer, so you can play with your friends, of course, however, your friends must also have a Switch. The small problem is that you won’t be able to play several of them in local game mode, on the same console. This mode offers many levels: quick match, shuffle, special, race and derby. You can play in private matches, which means, only with your friends and in public matches, with other players you don’t necessarily know.
  • Tournament mode: these are tournaments to be played daily, weekly or by season, this adds more spice to the way you play, be the best!

Wreckfest and its realism

TRY - Feast of the shipwreckThis game offers more realism with its controls in particular. You can use the clutch, handbrake, etc. Also, the more damaged the car is, the less it drives properly. That’s right, the car, if it gets damaged by the shots of other opponents or if you don’t know how to drive and you shoot the scenario every 10 seconds, then the car will be less efficient.

This makes the game realistic because it’s like in real life, if you hit a pole or a tree (maybe true story), the car won’t be in great condition.

But this makes the game even more exciting because there will be more difficulties. Especially since this means that if you damage your opponent’s car, it will be less efficient and therefore you will have a better chance of winning.


This game is in conclusion: super fun! Both from the races that allow you to discover friendly dirt circuits and to demolish the opponents during these races, and from the demolition aspect in the special arcades for. But always from the realism of the races and the cars. In addition, Wreckfest is a game that will make you laugh (surely) for “forced” accidents, “looping” that will send scratches in the furniture. This game is really fantastic in the sense that it also offers various modes and allows you to improve and give more power to the cars and the various cars. The only drawback is ultimately the lack of local multiplayer mode, per se the fact that we can’t play with other people on the same Switch. Otherwise it’s a very fun game! Play well and may the best win!

Feast of the shipwreck

Feast of the shipwreck


  • It is in French
  • Different game modes
  • Realism
  • Fantastic tours
  • fun demolition


  • Charging times (short)
  • Local part not present


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